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Alternative to home working is now so affordable...!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Business suffering from lock-down blues?

Coworking from our beautiful corporate level facilities, right here in the Hawke's Bay is amazingly affordable. Open 24x7 year round, and at just $330 per month for a dedicated workstation and secure locker, that's about the same price as two large flat whites a day! And since espresso coffees are included with our beautiful facilities and most services too, drink two HIVE espresso coffees a day and your workspace is effectively free of charge!

And for 2020, to help with post lock-down recovery in the Bay, it jut even more affordable with our special offers. Co-working desks are 10->20% off and serviced offices up to 50% off.

Check out our plans here: HIVE pricing plans

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