Shared office facilities

World class shared office facilities in Hastings, Hawke's Bay.

At Hastings HIVE we include all the things you care about, like great coffee in our cafe space or the beautiful lounge for relaxing or working quietly. Shared space facilities occupy 45% of Hastings HIVE including the formal boardrooms and four other media-ready meeting rooms. When you rent an i-desk or i-office, all of these facilities are included in your plan

hive October 30 2019122.jpg

Cafe-style breakout space

with designer kitchen

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Lounge area with relaxed feel

Creativity needs to be nourished

When issues require one-on-one or group discussions, Hastings HIVE provides great breakout spaces to support you.


The vibrant cafe area has table and bench seating ideal for discussing the day ahead over a coffee. A large flat-screen display updates you on the local and international news and tells you what the weather is doing.


The designer kitchen includes a commercial Nespresso station capable of making 150 flat whites per hour. The kitchen is stocked with the normal office staples and milk is delivered and in the fridge. Two microwaves, two fridges, an oven and a bench-top water dispenser and boiler complete the kitchen. 

A bench-top water chiller with both still and sparkling water keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Thinking has its place

The relaxed lounge setting is your place for quieter one-on-one meetings and more intimate gatherings. Or a quiet spot to focus on a project, away from the distractions of your busy i-desk or i-office.

The lounge is furnished with comfortable lounge chairs, coffee tables and laptop side-tables. High-back booths wrap around to reduce visual and sound distractions.

Of course being an i-space, the area has "full-noise" gigabit wifi and charging points at every setting. 

And to help you relax there are beautiful planters with greenery and framed artwork of Hawkes Bay scenes by award-winning local photographer, Tim Whittaker.

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Generous meeting and boardrooms

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bathrooms and showers

Great outcomes from great spaces

For formal or larger meetings, we have two boardrooms with a sound-proof operable wall between (pictured above), that can be retracted to make one large room. The boardroom tables are on lockable casters and are easily joined to seat up to 16 people. Alternatively, the tables can be tilted and stowed to enable theatre, U-shape or even cabaret-style settings for your events.


Then there are four good-sized meeting rooms of different sizes, two with the flexible table facility.

Each meeting space is provided with modern flat-screen displays, connected with HDMI and Chromecast for presentations and "plug-and-play" Logitech video conferencing camera and speakers units.  Two further dedicated video conferencing rooms are part of our Stage 2 plans

Meeting rooms are reserved on-line and the electronically controlled doors will open with your fob or mobile app, when you or your staff turn up.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Staff spend a lot of their lives in the office and we think they deserve a little luxury to help stay focussed and to de-stress in their break time.

Beautiful bathrooms and separate showers ensure your staff can cycle or run to work, or take exercise, then clean up and be ready to resume their day refreshed. 

Lockers are provided so work clothes can stay fresh too, whilst their owners get active. 

Shower gel and shower mats are provided to help keep the people and the showers clean.