Office Space For Rent

What Factors Should You Consider When Looking for Office Space for Rent?

There are a number of factors that you should consider when you are looking for office space for rent. However, many people who are looking for offices for rent near me have never rented space before, and as such, have no idea what they need to consider as they go about searching for the perfect work space. Here are some of the key factors that need to be kept in mind as you search for an office for small business for you.


The Amount of Rent For the Office for Rent


One of the factors that you need to consider when you are looking at office for rent is the amount of rent that the company is charging for the space. Some spaces will only charge you rent per the hour, based on the amount of time you use the space. Other companies will charge you a weekly or monthly fee for the office space. You want to take the time to compare office for rent in your immediate vicinity to determine what a fair rent amount is, and whether you are being charged a fair rent amount for the space you are considering renting.


If You Have to Sign a Lease for the Office Space


Another important element to consider prior to obtaining office space is whether you need to sign a lease for the office space and how long the lease period is. Many shared or co-working office spaces do not require you to sign a lease, or only require you to sign a month-to-month lease. You are not tied into a long tenancy, which allows you to rent a larger space sooner if your business takes off and you need more space, or allows you to terminate the lease if you find you no longer need office space.


How Many People Are Sharing the Office Space for Rent


If you are looking into co-working or shared office space for rent, a key factor to consider is the number of people who are sharing the office space for rent. Some office spaces are set aside for just you. You can close the door and have a quiet, peaceful place to yourself. Other spaces may have as many as 20 people sharing a large desk or table, working side-by-side. The more people that share the space, the cheaper the space typically is. However, some people cannot concentrate with a number of people working around them. Consider what your needs are and then look for a number that seems ideal for you.


What Amenities Are Included in the Office for Small Business


As you look for an office for small business, the amenities or services that are included with your rental price are also important to consider. Do you have to bring your own computer or laptop, or is one provided? Are there printers and copy machines in the building? Is there a receptionist who answers calls and can greet clients to bring them to your office? What about a coffee pot, water or small kitchen where you can store food? Consider all of the amenities that may make your life easier when you are trying to work and then find an office for small business that has what you need.


The Location of the Office for Rent Near Me


Lastly the location of the office for rent near me needs to be considered. Many people prefer to select an office for rent near me so they do not have to travel far to get to or from their office from their home. Staying near your home may also allow you to walk or bike in to your location and may prevent you from having to pay to park at the office space, if parking is required in the area. Always consider the location of the office for rent and how convenient and accessible it is for you.


At Hastings HIVE, we provide both shared and private office space for rent. Our offices for rent near me are perfect for those who are self-employed, starting out or who own a small business and do not need a lot of space or overhead expenses. We encourage you to reach out to us when you need a shared work space or a single office space for your business and let us help you to provide the office for small business that you need to better your business. Call now to tour our spaces for rent.