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Shared SPACE facilities 

Hastings HIVE - taking care of the office whilst you take care of business.
Experience a professional coworking environment keeping your staff and accountant happy.

Connected spaces

Hastings HIVE is equipped with modern flat screen displays using HDMI and Chromecast connectivity. Customers simply book a meeting space on-line and connect their laptop for dynamic meeting presentations. Many rooms have the latest Logitech  video conferencing equipment, with sound bar and "follow-me" functionality, so the camera focuses on the person speaking. Video conferencing made simple, with "plug-and-play" connectivity for Zoom and Teams. 


Serviced offices are equipped with a multi-media hub to accommodate a flat-screen monitor. This facilitates "agile" work practices with real-time display of team metrics.

building Security

Hastings HIVE uses the Gallagher Security control system, used by some of the largest corporate clients. It provides secure access to the building and each serviced office. Access is electronically controlled, utilising personal fobs or the Galagher Mobile Connect App, on your Android or iPhone.

24x7 security monitoring and 11 CCTV cameras ensure your working environment is safe for you, your staff and your assets.


And remember, you don't get called in the night if something happens on site, we do.

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Connected building

Our network is designed to accommodate the strictest corporate IT standards. A server room provides rack space complete with battery back-up. Dual broadband fibres enter north/south from Chorus & Unison, guarding against fibre cuts. Two ISPs deliver internet with auto fail-over and load balancing across both fibres. Twin Fortigate managed firewalls protect against malicious attacks and dual Aruba switches provide for fail-over. Aruba networking offers Gigabit Wifi & Ethernet connectivity throughout.


The network is managed 24x7 by Glenn Cook Technologies (GCT) in Hastings.

Connected spaces/security/connected building

Bathroom & showers

Beautiful bathrooms and separate showers ensure you can cycle or run to work, or exercise at lunchtime, then clean up and be ready to resume your work refreshed. 

Spa-quality decor provides a little luxury in your day. Changing lockers are provided adjacent to the showers along with fresh bathmats and shower gel. All you need is your kit, a towel and a little motivation!

designer kitchen

A great kitchen is the heart of any shared space, and ours has two large fridges for storing coworker lunches. Two microwaves, two dishwashers, oven, in-bench boiler and lots of plates, bowls, glasses, cups and cutlery mean you can fuel up easily.

And a bench top water-station delivers cold filtered water, both sparkling and still.


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Coffee station

We know how important good coffee is in the workplace. Our Nespresso machine delivers two espresso coffees every 40 seconds. Customers can order economical capsules in different strengths and blends from Nespresso direct.

A capsule recycling bin is located directly below the machine in-bench and all coffee and aluminium is recycled by Nespresso. 


Print station

At our printer station, a high-speed multi-function device (MFD) from Ricoh can efficiently handle colour A4 and A3 copy/print/scan tasks at a speed of up to 45 pages per minute. Connected to the network, you can print out whenever you are at the station, using your security fob or mobile app and by entering your PIN.

We offer affordable rates for colour and black & white print / copy.  Our Monitor system records your spend and usage by staff member. For those going digital, scanning to file is free.

Recycling station

To encourage the use of re-usable packaging and utensils, we provide two under-bench dishwashers and a dedicated recycling station to streamline the process of doing our part for the environment. We use eco-friendly cleaning and washing liquids where practical.

By offering these amenities and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to support customers wanting to reduce their environmental impact, making it convenient and hassle-free to be eco-friendly.

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A large digital display in our lobby scrolls through a list of our serviced-office customers.  Each office customer has reasonable signage opportunities on their own serviced-office window. And inside each office, pin-walls and neutral colours enable customers to reinforce their key messages.


All customers and their staff are listed in the lobby registration kiosk.

Signage on the building is available on the modern facade above Market Street, facing north and east. And there are two billboards on Queen Street also available.


 office management

We take care of the office OPEX and outgoings - things like power, insurance, water, cleaning, rubbish & recycling, IT & fibre networking, broadband fibre provision, internet service provision, office consumables, kitchen consumables and even bathroom consumables like bathmats.

We also manage things like health & safety, IT & network support, building warrant-of-fitness, emergency drills and building security. And our community manager takes care of the day-to-day stuff, which leaves you to run your business, not an office..!

Guest reception

Whilst we don’t have a traditional reception, your guests can wait in our comfortable lobby. Our Galagher Security registration kiosk allows them to sign in and we will automatically notify you by email that your visitor is waiting in the reception area.

The system ensures that we have a record of all visitors on-site for WorkSafe and security. 


And this automated system ensures a smooth and professional reception experience for both you and your guests.

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Parking & Transport

Hastings HIVE is located right in the centre of Hastings close to public transport links.

Our large car park off Queen Street, with its own entry, provides car parks for serviced office customers (subject to availability). The whole parking area is monitored 24x7 with CCTV cameras, and floodlit at night for the safety of those working late.

​We have a sheltered bike lock-up monitored by CCTV, with charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters.


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