Flat whites free in your workplace...?

Our Nespresso account manager Megan popped in for a visit last week to check everything is going well with our professional coffee machine. It certainly gets a lot of use! A great range of quality coffee is included in your monthly shared space fee as a Hive customer. We have a good selection of flavours, blends and strengths (including decaf) to choose from.

"Every morning I look forward to my Nespresso coffee at the Hive - Ristretto is my absolute favourite flavour" says Rulli Magno, one of our i-desk customers.

And consider this. In our co-working space you get a dedicated workstation, executive chair and locker with access 365 days a year, 24x7. Now a dedicated i-desk is just $330 per month - hey that's about the same cost as two flat whites a day. So drink those two in the HIVE each day (rather than balancing your laptop in a high street cafe) and your executive workplace becomes effectively free. Now that's something else you can savour!

Want to try for yourself? Book a tour via our website and we'd love to make you a coffee, and show you around.

Megan Healey from Nespresso checks in on our coffee habits

At Hastings HIVE, we take our coffee / tea breaks seriously - they serve important workplace social and business needs. Stay tuned for more on why we like to keep the HIVE buzzing with great coffee.

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