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Life at Red - Promoting a safe 'business as usual'

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The whole of Aotearoa NZ is operating under the RED traffic light setting. Here's an update on how this affects coworking in Hastings HIVE shared space:

Very simple Covid prevention measure
Very simple Covid prevention measure


  • Valid My Vaccine Pass required for all coworkers, visitors and staff

  • Protect yourself and the HIVE community by staying home and getting tested if unwell.

  • Wear a mask when moving around, especially in the kitchen & bathrooms.

  • Clean your hands regularly, maintain physical distancing from others.

  • Utilise the various hand sanitisers located in the entrances, kitchen and i-desk area.

  • Record your movements - scan in for contact tracing.

Air transmission

  • Mask wearing is our best protection for ourselves and each other.

  • Be assured the HIVE has a very modern HVAC system, well maintained, and designed for corporate offices with a high refresh rate. Claire has more detail on this, let her know if you would like to see it.

Surface transmission

  • We will be cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles and kitchen/café surfaces daily.

  • All meeting rooms have antibacterial wipes, please use these to wipe table surface and remote (if used) at the end of every meeting particularly during the red setting.


  • Please make sure your visitors have a valid Vaccine Pass (they will have one if they are medically exempt). You can download the Govt checker App from Apple App Store or from Google Play.

  • Ensure they scan in. They may alternatively sign the Covid sign-in book, but realise this relies on the visitor’s memory for our protection.

Covid poster at shared office entrance
HIVE entry requirements apply

Will things change with the traffic lights?

We decided to require passes from the 17th January this year regardless of the traffic light setting, so as to encourage the habitual use and checking of visitor passes. This will be reviewed monthly and may well change if and when we move to GREEN.

Some other things will vary with the traffic light setting, like mask use inside the HIVE. For details, please see our updated Covid Health and Safety plan below:

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