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HIVE takes the sting out of the needle

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

As the country lines up for Super Saturday and businesses tiptoe through the minefield that is workplace vaccination for their heath & safety plans, company directors and officers could be forgiven for throwing up their hands and declaring everything "too hard".

So at shared space Hastings HIVE, where we have over 20 organisations represented and many more coworkers, we have gone on the "incentive!"

Every HIVE coworker who is double vaccinated by the 24th November, with their certificate (or forthcoming vaccine passport) to prove it, goes in the draw to win a $200 voucher for dinner at the wonderful Sazio restaurant in Hastings.

And the HIVE owners can attest that dinner out at Sazio is truly memorable.

Exciting incentive programme for shared space coworkers
Lucky HIVE coworker to win $200 prize voucher for dinner at SAZIO in Hastings

Jenny Gill, director and co-owner of Hastings HIVE says, "Governments around the world have signalled that vaccination is the path to freedom from Covid restrictions, and many countries have already opened. With summer holidays coming and surely everyone needing their annual re-charge more than ever, just waiting seems defeatist. We are doing our small part to support the super effort to get as many people protected as possible."

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can get to 90% by Christmas, with freedom to travel and have a normal Christmas with family, wherever they live, in Aotearoa, New Zealand ?

Not a customer or coworker at the HIVE? No problem, in most cases we can onboard new coworkers and organisations within a week. Join on or before November 24th and you and your staff are in to win, as long as you all have had both jabs.

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