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Coworking space goes orange

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The Hawke's Bay is operating within the orange traffic light of the new Covid Protection Framework (CPF). Here's an update on how this affects Hastings HIVE shared space.

What changes apply in orange?

As in the old Level 2 Hastings HIVE is open for everyone, including new customers and visitors. However, with likely increased incidence of Covid in the Bay community as internal borders are removed for the summer holidays, we require that everyone wear a mask around our "squeeze-points" where social distancing is difficult - places like the kitchen and bathrooms. Please stay away if you have any cold or flu symptoms.

Will vaccine passes be needed?

Workplaces concerned about Covid health and safety have been advised to conduct a WorkSafe NZ risk assessment. Being a large, multi-customer, shared space we are assessed as having a high risk Covid work environment and so we need to take all practical measures to limit the possible spread of Covid within the HIVE.

We also have a legal responsibility as PCBUs, to keep all staff, coworkers and visitors, safe and healthy. So with this high risk assessment we will be requiring vaccine passes in the HIVE.

Coworking space Covid plan changes
New HIVE entry requirements under the Government Covid Protection Framework

When will the vaccine passes apply from?

To give everyone a chance to be double vaccinated with either the recommended Pfizer vaccine, or the alternative from Astra Zeneca, or to obtain a vaccine pass using a Health Department approved exemption, we have set a date of the 17th of January 2022.

From this date, all staff, coworkers, contractors and visitors will need to show and have their pass verified using the NZ Pass Verifier from the App Store, or from Google Play.

Will things be different when the traffic lights change?

For now, we have decided to require passes from the 17th January, regardless of the traffic light setting, so as to encourage the habitual use and checking of passes. This will be reviewed monthly as we become more used to living with the new CPF.

Some things will vary with the traffic light setting, like mask use inside the HIVE. For details, please see our updated Covid Health and Safety plan below:

Coworking space Covid Health & Safety plan
Hastings HIVE Covid H&S plan

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