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Open for everyone as long as you scan!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Here are the Hastings HIVE coworking space revised Level 2 HIVE rules and guidelines.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 8th September, the Hawke's Bay will thankfully move to Level 2, and Hastings HIVE re-opens for everyone, including new customers and visitors.

And if you have a business with staff trying to work from home, we can now "on-board" you under Level 2, and provide a safe, low-contact office work environment. To assist further, we have shortened our minimum sign-up period to just three months for coworking desks and six months for serviced offices, whilst we are in lockdowns of any level.

Covid protection poster at coworking space
HIVE COVID Level 2 guidelines following the government Level 2 business advice

Government Level 2 business guidelines allow everyone to return to work at Hastings HIVE, with some revised rules, and recommendations to keep everyone safe and businesses open:

  • Stay away if you are sick or symptomatic and get COVID tested, no exceptions

  • Stay away If you become a close contact of someone who has COVID

  • Mandatory use of the Covid QR app to record each time you enter the HIVE. If you do not have the app please get it installed. If you don’t want the app installed for some reason, then you legally MUST sign in using the COVID register in the lobby. I will be creating a second register so we have one also in the rear foyer.

  • Visitors are now allowed under Level 2 but they MUST use the COVID App or manual COVID register in the lobby, no exceptions. It is the host’s responsibility to ensure this is done to keep everyone safe.

  • Visitors must also sign in to the HIVE kiosk as a key element of our health and safety process in case of an emergency evacuation.

  • The front and rear doors will return to normal opening hours, so visitors can access the lobby as normal.

  • Keep up the hygiene – wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, use the hand sanitiser we have provided.

  • Sit at least 1 metre apart (preferably 2m) and let me know if you want to temporarily sit apart from other customers.

  • The Delta variant has proven much more easily spread through the air than previous strains and government Level 2 guidelines for business recommend (and we ask) that everyone wear a mask whilst moving around the HIVE, including using the kitchen, bathrooms and phone booths.

  • Individual i-offices, the i-desk area, the cafe, lounge, and boardrooms all have their own air conditioning systems that do not share air. Each system is serviced and the filters cleaned once per quarter - our last service was last week (during Level 3). The only spaces that share the same system (there is continuous air change but not 100%) are the four meeting rooms which are on one system, and the two boardrooms share another. For this reason under Level 2 we recommend mask wearing when using the meeting rooms, especially if you have visitors.

We look forward to welcoming back most of the HIVE community by next week.

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