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Coffee breaks - who needs them?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Turns out most of us need a "coffee break" but not all for the same reason...

According to a survey by leading international facilities management company ISS, office coffees are really important and quite distinct, so managers, be aware of the situational differences, and create an environment that supports all of them:

  1. Morning coffee is consumed primarily for waking up. This is the type of coffee that is drunk so that people can get started for the day with a boost of caffeine.

  2. Client coffee is used less for the need to fulfil thirst or stay awake and more for opening up the conversation when having client meetings; it's like an ice breaker, only hot..!

  3. Habit coffee is a ritual that aims to provide an employee a break. This kind of cup of coffee provides a reason for a worker to stretch their legs and to socially interact with colleagues. It provides a respite from sitting at a desk and so encourages walking so provides a health benefit for the worker too.

  4. Social coffee is enjoyed with colleagues, and when there is enough time is the most enjoyed part of coffee drinking in the workplace. It centres on catching up with colleagues about vacations, weekends, activities around the office and the latest water fountain news. It's a fun and functional form of coffee drinking. The ISS study showed that the social element of the coffee experience is the highest rated for participants.

You can read the ISS article by Signe Adamsen, head of workplace experience here:

At Hastings HIVE, we believe this entirely reflects how our customers "enjoy a brew" and have created shared space facilities to support all these occasions. From the informal and lively cafe space to the quiet "Koru" lounge area, from meeting rooms to the formal boardrooms.

Which type of coffee drinker are you? If you need a workplace that better supports your work style and coffee need, why not book a tour with our community manager to find out?

Book a tour and we'll make you a coffee whilst we show you around.

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