You run a business not an office!

Let us look after your office and ICT needs, so you can focus on business. Using scale and automation, Hastings HIVE provides you a full serviced office and co-working environment for 50% less cost than running your own office. And with none of the distractions, so you can enjoy life some life / balance too. Here are some of the things that we include with your i-desk or i-office plan as standard.


Hastings HIVE CCTV and alarms are connected over our diverse fibre network to a 24x7x365 Aotea Security monitoring service, watching over our premises. Armourguard security staff are on call to go on site if ever required. 

Monitoring ensures your working environment is safe and secure for you, your staff and all your assets. And remember, you don't get called in the night if something is wrong on site, we do.

Hastings HIVE uses the Gallagher Security management system as used by some of the largest government and corporate clients in Australasia. This system keeps an accurate register of who is in the building and what authorisation levels they have to access the building and individual i-office doors.

If you rent a serviced office you can choose your security level. You can choose to have the doors unlocked between certain hours, or locked permanently, or even have a reminder "beep" if the door is left ajar.

ICT support

No amount of technology in the building will be useful to your business if it doesn't work as you need and when you need it. The building network cabling has a 20-year guarantee. The switching, routing (wireless and wired), broadband and internet networks are all designed, installed, commissioned and supported by Glenn Cook Technologies (GCT) right here in Hastings. GCT support many of the largest government and business organisations in the Hawkes Bay, but are also a massive supporter of the i-space concept and want to help small businesses here grow. To demonstrate this commitment, they extend special customer rates for IT support services to help you keep your devices and applications running smoothly.


Finally, GCT can connect you to cloud storage and applications, to support all your IT requirements. This includes voice services for those companies needing contact centre or similar IP voice capabilities.


Office management

Our job is to manage all the contextual office stuff in the background so you can run your business, not the office. We manage and pay all the bills, focus on health and safety, ensure cleanliness and we worry about the smooth running of everything from the mechanical to the interpersonal. We also encourage intra and inter-company cooperation and fun, through events and shared values.

Office supplies

Hastings HIVE is a serviced office where your rental includes most of what you need, and very little you don't. We organise and pay for all cleaning, kitchen, cafe and printing supplies. No shopping lists needed and no mercy runs to the dairy for milk! 

If something is getting low, just let us know and our community manager will make sure it's replenished, along with fresh shower mats and tea towels when needed. Oh, and they make sure basics like whiteboard marker pens and A1 flip-chart pads are there and ready to go.

Cleaning and greening

Cleanliness is next to... great coffee, and our cleaners from Boulevard are there to keep all shared i-spaces clean. They need your help by tidying up after you leave a shared space, so reducing shared cleaning costs for everyone. Your i-office or i-desk is cleaned once per week within the cleaning schedule (unless you specifically opt out) and basic cleaning gear is available on site for your use.

We know plants play an important part in regulating the air we breathe, but more recently it is thought they have a remarkable role to play in our well-being. So our beautiful plants, maintained regularly by our friends The Green Goose, not only look good but help keep you productive at work.

Recycling and rubbish collection

Our re-cycling station in the breakout cafe makes it super-easy for you to do your bit to reduce landfill waste.  Yes, we know this is among our more basic offerings at Hastings HIVE. But along with Boulevard, our cleaners, we organise waste and recycling rubbish collection. And we ensure the bins are locked and emptied so everything runs like clockwork. 

At this time we have paper recycling but not secure paper destruction, although this is a service we will add if there is sufficient demand.

Office furnishing

All i-desk workspaces come ready furnished, having a workstation desk with integral power, privacy divider and fully adjustable executive chairs on casters. These chairs are built for superior comfort and durability and come with a 10-year guarantee! 50% of our supplied chairs have armrests, so your staff can mostly select their preference. 


i-office customers may choose to bring their own pre-approved furnishing that is in keeping with a modern office setting. Or, rent with our furnishing option. This is identical furnishing to the i-desk area set-up, and also includes one mobile for every two desks.


When you and your team arrive, our Community Manager will provide a familiarisation tour and facilities briefing. This will includes a short health and safety brief. Glenn Cook Technologies will then take you through connecting to and enabling your devices on the network, then connect you with the MFD printer.


An electronic pass and optional Gallagher Security App are provided for each person.  You will be set up on My Monitor with your own account and shown how to log inane check your printer usage. Then they will demonstrate how to book meeting rooms, use the meeting room displays and video conferencing equipment.

There is a one off charge for on-boarding