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Three ways to cut business costs now...!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Last month we launched our business re-boot promotion. A practical response to the post COVID-19 shut-down and financial hardship being felt around New Zealand. For businesses that need to down-size now to survive, here is that value proposition for you to consider:

And three practical ways a shared space could help you survive and prosper in a Post COVID 19 recession:

  1. Reduce your fixed costs, and for many businesses the office is their highest fixed cost. Our shared office and co-working spaces are 30 to 40% lower cost than traditional office leasing. See a comparison here: Lease comparison

  2. Turn your fixed costs into variable costs. By having short term agreements (not leases) and flexible office space options, you pay monthly for the space you need. Need more space, we simply unlock the adjoining office door. Need less space, you can move to a smaller serviced office or take some dedicated desks in our co-working (i-desk) area. For details see here: Dedicated workspaces

  3. When sales are down, you need all your focus on customers and innovation. There is just no time for contextual activities that add no value to your customers. We take care of your office, IT networking, security, site health and safety and supplies. After all, you run a business, not an office!

And you get the latest designer office facilities - fantastic meetings rooms, executive boardrooms, super fast internet fibre connectivity, luxury style bathrooms, vibrant kitchen/cafe with free espresso coffee, quiet lounge space and private phone booths - all included. Check it out here: Shared facilities

And our customers love those facilities. Here's what Anita Alder, GM Hastings City Business Association says: “Hastings Hive provides the association a multi-purpose facility where we run our day to day operations in a superbly fitted out complex as well as host meetings and use the facilities for the wide range of support services we run, such as seminars and workshops. “It’s a real win-win and we are already seeing a vast improvement in how we operate."

Book a tour here: Reserve your shared space

And stay tuned for more initiatives.

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