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Had enough of working from home...?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Two week's ago we launched our first business re-boot promotion. A practical response to the Covid-19 shut-down and financial hardship being felt around New Zealand. We know many staff were loving the home working, but leaders and owners need to carefully understand the whole picture.

Here are three things to consider to ensure your business and staff survive and prosper in a post Covid-19 recession:

1. Home working and remote working flexibility is great and many staff will be as or more productive than in the office. But what about your staff who don't work well at home and need more structure or support around them to perform at their best? Are these staff suddenly poor performers, or are they natural team players?

2. Now, shift your outlook forward a year or two. Many staff will be getting bored with doing the "same old, same old". But how are they being prepared for taking on new challenges when they are working from home? The Pareto principle absolutely applies to learning new skills. 20% of job skills and experiences can come from the training room, but 80% are learned on the job through coaching and mentoring,  watching and listening. This doesn't happen on Zoom. So, will you simply let your people drift off to another opportunity? Remember, many of your best people need these fresh challenges but also need support.

3. There is a "best of both worlds" alternative, with a fixed presence for your business for those important customer meetings, and for those staff who like to work in an office. And for those staff  that like remote working, they still have a place to come for company meetings or for times of engaged team working and mentoring. So how does this benefit your business?

Hastings HIVE provides a cool working environment where companies get the cost savings and flexible working environment they need, and staff enjoy the freedom to come and go, 24x7x365. Your staff get to meet as teams, to work closely together and learn from each other, and then consolidate that learning with periods of unsupervised work. The key is fostering a continuous learning environment.

And for the rest of this year Hastings HIVE will make it even easier:

You get the latest designer office facilities - fantastic meeting rooms, executive boardrooms, break-out spaces, super fast internet fibre connectivity, luxury style bathrooms, vibrant kitchen/cafe with free espresso coffee, quiet lounge space and private phone booths - all included. Check it out here: Shared facilities

And our customers do love those facilities. Here's what Marketing Manager Lucinda Perry has to say about Hastings HIVE: "A welcoming and collaborative space that's perfect for increased productivity and networking. It's ideal for our small team at Hastings City Business Association, as it's quiet and private in our office, and the break-out spaces and facilities accommodate our connecting with local businesses."

Book a tour here: Reserve your shared space, and stay tuned for our home working and remote working offer coming soon...

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