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Small business owner struggling to stay above water?

Updated: May 20, 2021

We have launched our first business re-boot promotion. A practical response to the post COVID-19 shut-down and financial hardship. For businesses that need to down-size now to survive, here is a value proposition for you to consider:

For many businesses the office is their highest fixed cost by far. Secure your small office with us and convert your high fixed cost lease and outgoings into a very affordable, all inclusive, variable costs. See how you can save around 50% in occupancy costs here: Lease Comparison

And for the rest of this year we will make it even easier - so now you can do something positive. No fixed term leases, short term agreement only.

As well as getting an affordable workplace, you will also get the best of what an office should have - fantastic meetings rooms, superior internet fibre connectivity, luxury style bathrooms, and a well equipped kitchen/cafe with free espresso coffee.

Those that have already made Hastings Hive their new office are saying that's its the best working environment they've had and better still, it's cheaper and they're not locked in to a long term lease or trapped by personal guarantees.

Mark Gannon says, "Hastings HIVE has been a great set-up move for Gannon Fire and Risk in being able to have 24/7 access to incredible facilities and resources without putting a serious dent in our cash flow. The environment is well designed and conducive to supporting our business success and making the right impression with clients, while providing an awesome space to work in."

Thanks Mark,

Book a HIVE tour here: Reserve your shared space

Stay tuned for more initiatives.

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