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Lid comes off the HIVE ...but workers stay at home!

Today we reverted to LEVEL 3 - remember those hectic few days? Here is the workplace guidance from the government, interestingly prefaced the "Golden Rules”. We thought the Golden Rule was "the one with the gold, makes the rules”, but maybe this is the new economic reality (that government are subtly reminding us of)?

Anyway, for most of us this means we will continue to work from home, being the safest place for office workers, our families and community. But businesses unable to effectively work from home for legitimate reasons, and with no customer facing interactions, are free to use the HIVE from today.

Our health and safety plan has been updated and businesses reminded to maintain the health measures in place (pre-lockdown) namely staying away if sick, frequent hand washing, surfaces clean down roster, social distancing and logging of movements and social contacts. However at this stage we have had no takers, so Hastings HIVE is ready for action, but the workers are staying put - well done everybody!

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