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Legal coworkers at home in the HIVE

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Rice Speir lawyers have a different staff member flying in from their Auckland office one day a week, providing specialist advice and support to their growing list of clients in the area. Rice Speir specialise in litigation and dispute resolution, with particular emphasis on local government and insurance matters.

But Rice Speir needed to find somehow and somewhere to be productive between meetings, and earlier this year went looking for a coworking space in the Hawke's Bay. They weren't initially considering being able to justify a permanent office set-up.

Fiona Bird, Chief Operating Officer for Rice Speir in New Zealand was delighted then to discover Hastings HIVE. " The team at the HIVE made it so easy for us to start work. Their IT service provider set-up all our computing ahead of time (including supplying new hardware), and guided our staff through the site health & safety and operating procedures. Everything could be organised remotely and quickly, and it's worked out to be a really cost effective solution for us."

Laura Bielby at her desk in Hastings HIVE shared coworking space
A dedicated workstation mirrors the Rice Speir Auckland head-office setup

Catching up with Rice Speir Principal, Laura Bielby last week in the HIVE, we asked if she would share their experience to date, as new Hastings HIVE customers.

Laura says, "We love it here, so much better than working out of cafés, dealing with poor Wifi and frequent interruptions. Here we have our own dedicated i-desk with the same docking station and dual screens we use in our office back in Auckland - it is exactly the same set-up. This means I can arrive at our desk, get connected and be productive almost immediately."

Asked about the HIVE facilities, Laura was equally effusive, saying, "We really enjoy the CBD location, the corporate office feel and the open spaces with great meeting rooms, lovely café, the lounge and beautiful bathrooms and showers. And then the people here are so nice and welcoming."

Thanks for sharing Laura, we love having you with us.

Editor's Note:

Remote working customers like Rice Speir occupying their space just one day per week, enjoy a 20% discount (based on consuming fewer resources and coffees). This price per desk is around $60 per day, the price of a shared "hot-desk" in most other places. Customers occupying their space less than 2.5 day per week enjoy a 10% discount.

All i-desk users have their own desk, executive chair and secure locker.

All outgoings, OPEX and facilities are included along with free espresso coffee.

Some options and extras apply.

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