Extras and Options

Coworking desks and serviced offices are provisioned with inclusive pricing, so you just need to allow for on-boarding as a one-off Extra and a few Options like printing. Prices given may be subject to change.

512 sqm of shared space

45% of Hastings HIVE  is shared space for everyone's use. This includes our vibrant cafe space with designer kitchen, outdoor terrace, "Koru lounge" and spa like bathrooms or showers. 

There are four generous meeting rooms and two boardrooms equipped with the latest Logitech video conference gear for those Zoom or Teams meetings. There are two phone booths and in Stage 2 a dedicated video conference suite.

And the shared space is included in our "two flat whites" pricing model, so no extra charge.


We focus hard on keeping Hastings HIVE operating costs as low as possible, using automation and scale to pass on savings to you. Our serviced offices and coworking desks include a component covering their share (based on area) of typical OPEX items. Things like power, contents insurance, water, cleaning, rubbish and recycling, building security, IT and fibre networking support, broadband fibre provision (2x), internet service, provision (2x), office consumables, kitchen consumables like espresso coffees and bathroom consumables like freshly laundered bathmats and shower gel. A  management fee  is included in the OPEX. 

And OPEX is included, so no extra charge.

Building outgoings

Hastings HIVE shares 1/3 of a large building and pays only this proportion of the outgoings. Our i-spaces have a component covering their share (based on area) of these outgoings. This includes serviced office refurbishment,  local and regional council rates, building insurance, building maintenance, whole building and window wash-down (twice yearly), HVAC cleaning and servicing (quarterly), building WOF with mandatory emergency fire drills (twice yearly), grounds maintenance and gardening, drains flush (bi-annual).

All outgoings are included so no extra charge.

One-off extra:

On-boarding at $250 - $300 / person

A "kick-start" process involving a detailed check-list approach to ensure our on-boarding team have your requirements covered in advance.This covers: an electronic security fob for each staff member, setting up your business and staff in the building security system, IT and networking assistance for connection to the network, to your cloud applications or servers and  our Ricoh MFD printer. We then set up a My Monitor account and portal login for you, so you can monitor, control and pay for your print costs, as well as book meeting rooms and venue spaces.

The $250 rate covers simple i-desk set-ups. $300 is the rate for standard i-office set-ups. More complex ICT requirements and non-standard devices or operating environments can be assessed and quoted for.

Monthly option:
Data cabinet rental at $60 / RU 

Hastings HIVE has an air-conditioned server and communications room with generous rack space. Most small businesses can be set up by Glenn Cook Technologies to run entirely on the Hastings HIVE local and wide-area networks with full access to cloud storage or applications.


For those companies with computing-intensive and network-hungry applications like video and graphics, rack space is available on site and rented per standard RU space to house your equipment. Each rack comes with connections to the LAN and WAN pre-cabled. Set-up by GCT is charged at cost.

Monthly option:
55" flatscreen display: $60 / month
Wall-mounted for agile working

To assist modern agile work practices, each i-office is provisioned with an in-wall multi-media hub to take a flat screen digital display. You can add a commercial Samsung or LG rental display from us (subject to availability), or you can use your own display, as long as it is fitted to a standard Brateck, full-motion mount fitted by us at your cost by GCT.

Monthly option:

Prints: B&W 3c, colour 10c, per each

Price includes the printing cost, paper and handling cost. A3 sheets are charged at 2 x A4 sheet price shown above.


Print and copy costs using the advanced RICOH multi-function devices are recorded to your My Monitor account and charged on a per-page, cost recovery basis.

Monthly option: 

Signage: by arrangement

Each serviced office customer may have signage on their interior windows, and on the cafe and lobby digital displays at no cost. ( i-desk customers do not have signage.)  


Avertising / signage  opportunities are available on the building by negotiation.

On the highly visible modern Market Street facade and on two modern billboards on Queen Street

Monthly option:

Car parks at $108 per space

Hastings HIVE has 28 car parks reserved for our serviced office customers on a monthly basis.

i-desk customers wanting a car park, or i-office customers wanting extra spaces may also apply for parking spots, subject to availability. 

Monthly option:

Furniture at $40 per workstation

Coworking customers automatically have office furniture included in their monthly rental.

This option is for Serviced office customers wanting a furnished office. This is nearly identical to the i-desk set-up having a workstation desk with integral power and amazingly comfortable, fully adjustable executive chairs on casters. 50% of these chairs are specified with armrests so most staff will be able to select their preference. A privacy divider is standard and mobiles are provided - one mobile for every two desks.


Annual option:
Gallagher App at $30 per device 

Each staff member receives an electronic security fob, programmed to the Hastings HIVE security system and monitoring system, as part of their on-boarding process. Replacement or additional fobs are $20 each, plus a $30 admin charge to update our systems. 


Customers may purchase an Android or Apple app for staff that uses bluetooth to act as an e-reader and replicates all the functions of the fob. The $30 fee includes set-up on the security and monitoring system and application support and upgrades.

Monthly option:

Flexi-workers: $50 per person

Facilities and amenities are accessible to all customers, proportionately to their licence costs.


Customers with remote-workers, home-workers or a mobile or part-time workforce can take advantage of  hot-desking within their own office, as long as they don't exceed their fair share of building resources. 

Hot-desking is not currently available for our co-working i-desk customers except in special circumstances, please ask.