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ICT capability

Serviced Office amenities


Every customer  is named in the lobby registration kiosk.  A separate digital screen in the lobby displays a list of our office customers. And each serviced office customer has reasonable signage opportunity in their office window. Click the icon above to see an example.

Signage rights to the building are available on the modern facade above Market Street, facing north and east. There are two more highly visible free-standing billboard sites on Queen Street available.

Guest lobby 

To streamline the check-in process and enhance security measures, we have implemented an automated kiosk sign-in facility. This ensures that we have a record of all visitors on-site for WorkSafe and security purposes. As an added convenience, our security system promptly alerts you via email when your visitor arrives, notifying you that they are waiting in the reception area for you to meet them. This efficient system allows for seamless coordination and ensures a smooth and professional experience for both you and your guests.

Recycling station

We are committed to making sustainable practices easier by promoting re-use and recycling initiatives.

To encourage the use of re-usable packaging and utensils, we provide two under-bench dishwashers. These convenient facilities enable you and your team to easily clean and re-use items, reducing the reliance on disposable alternatives. Additionally, we have implemented a dedicated recycling station to streamline the process of doing your part for the environment. 

By offering these amenities and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to support businesses in their efforts to make a positive environmental impact while ensuring that being eco-friendly is convenient and hassle-free.


Conveniently situated in the heart of Hastings, our location offers excellent proximity to public transport links. 

A private car park off Queen Street, has its own dedicated entry to the building. Every large and midsize office is allocated parking spots, depending on size.

For those who prefer greener modes of transportation,  you'll find a generous covered area equipped with lockable bike racks and a charging station designed for e-bikes and e-scooters.

For the safety and security of coworkers, the entire bike & car parking areas are monitored by CCTV. 

Secure premises with CCTV and electronic door monitoring

Our shared facility prioritises security, ensuring the safety of individuals and the protection of both physical and intellectual property. Alarms are connected to a 24x7 manned security control center, providing comprehensive coverage for doors and windows. Access to doors is electronically controlled, utilizing personal fobs or a near-field App on your Android or iPhone for convenient entry. This system restricts access to authorized personnel, maintaining a secure environment throughout the coworking area and office spaces.

To enhance security further, motion-sensing CCTV cameras and floodlighting are deployed in the car park and front entrance area, enabling surveillance and identification of individuals on the premises. In case of any concerns, our dedicated Armourguard security officers can be dispatched to conduct necessary checks and ensure the safety of the facility.

Corporate standards for information technology

We providing top-notch connectivity and infrastructure to support your business needs. Our dedicated server room offers ample rack space, ensuring efficient management of your IT equipment. We have dual broadband fibre connections through two reliable carriers, Chorus and Unison. This setup safeguards against potential fibre cuts and guarantees uninterrupted internet access. You can enjoy seamless connectivity and enhanced performance. Additionally, both services are equipped with auto fail-over and load balancing capabilities.

Internally, our building boasts a secure gigabit Aruba networking system from HP, enabling fast and reliable wireless and wired connectivity throughout the premises. To ensure network security, we employ dual Fortigate managed firewalls, providing robust protection for your data. Our network is diligently managed 24x7 by Glenn Cook Technologies (GCT) based right here in the Bay, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of the network.

media walls

To facilitate agile work methods, we provide essential tools in each serviced office and meeting room at Hastings HIVE. You'll find at least one media wall in each space, featuring a sound-dampening pinboard and a glass-finish whiteboard. These versatile walls allow for dynamic visual displays, including dashboards and info-graphics. Additionally, every office is equipped with a multi-media hub to accommodate a flat-screen digital display. Rent ours or supply your own.

Our meeting spaces are provisioned with state-of-the-art flat-screen displays equipped with the latest Logitech conferencing equipment, ensuring seamless virtual collaboration. With these advanced tools readily available, facilitating effective communication and enhancing productivity has never been easier.

Printer/copier station

At our print station we have a high-speed multi-function devices (MFD) from Ricoh. These super-fast devices can efficiently handle colour A4 and A3 copy/print/scan tasks at a speed of up to 45 pages per minute. Connected over the network, you can send your work to the MFD and print it out when you are at the device, using your security fob or mobile app and entering your PIN.

Along with Hawkes Bay Technologies (HBT) we offer a very affordable rate for colour and black & white print / copy. HBT charge us on a per-copy basis, which we on-charge on a cost recovery basis. Our Monitor system records your spend and usage by staff member for you to check.

For those going digital, scanning from paper to file has no charge.

By selecting Hastings HIVE as your shared workspace, you're not simply finding a place to work; you're embracing a comprehensive coworking solution. We continually update and enhance our amenities to meet or surpass corporate standards, delivering productivity advances that smaller companies typically can't justify having.

Print & copy
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