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Benefits of Coworking Spaces

There are a number of good shared spaces in the Hawke's Bay to choose from.

Check out our list of shared workspaces here:  Coworking Spaces in the Hawkes Bay

And here we list ten great reasons to select our modern shared office space for your organisation.

Reason #1:

Corporate facilities on a small budget

Just because you run a small enterprise, or work in the regions, shouldn't mean you can't afford beautiful design. We invested in things staff value with generous breakout areas like our cafe and "Koru lounge".

Our amenities and world-class service rival those of shared spaces anywhere in the world, but with the lowest rates in the Hawke's Bay at just $330 per month for a coworking desk or desk in your own serviced office.


That's the same price per day as the "two fat whites" you might drink having your meetings in the high street! 

Coworking space breakout lounge

Reason #2

Occupancy costs 50% less than leasing

Your dedicated shared space comes with full use of over 512 sqm of shared facilities for you and your staff to enjoy. This is THE major benefit of co-working spaces, and delivers you an unbeatable sqm occupancy cost, when compared with leasing your own office. Somewhere between $50 and $75 per sqm per annum, including all outgoings & office OPEX.

Reason #3
Grow or shrink without lock-ins

With monthly licences, just three or six month minimum terms, no long-term leases and no personal guarantees required, you simply pay as you grow (or shrink) in size.. 


With options from 1 to 18 desk office space, and with secure adjoining doors between many offices for expansion, we've always got the right size space for your business so you pay only for what you need.

And it's your dedicated space 24x7, whether it be a single coworking desk or our largest serviced office. Read why office leasing can cripple small businesses.

Reason #4

Attract and retain great staff

People simply work better, when they love their work environment. Work can be stressful so we have taken important amenities to the next level - like luxury bathrooms, showers and changing lockers to integrate exercise into their day. 

We are sure your staff will love it and you will too.

Reason #5
Join a vibrant business community

Join Hastings HIVE and get an instant network of business contacts and friends. Think shared lunches and social occasions. In just a short time, the HIVE has developed a vibrant and welcoming community, ready for you and your staff to contribute your energy and enthusiasm.


Regular social occasions help everyone, mix and share ideas in a space designed to bring the community together.

Coworking shared events
Coworking space community manager

Reason #6

Focus on business

Our management team, fronted by our hard working community manager Claire, handles all the contextual stuff around managing an office: things like IT & networking, printing, health & safety, compliance, supplies, cleaning, bins, re-cycling, parking, building maintenance and making sure the coffee machine is de-scaled!


This leaves you free to run your business, not an office!

Reason #7
Be in the Bay...!

Hastings HIVE is right in the CBD Hastings, the commercial centre of the Hawke's Bay. Being on "Wall Street" (as some locals refer to it) we are close to the banks and other major services companies. Queen Street is where the region's professional services businesses are, the engineers, accountants, lawyers, surveyors and more.

Handy for customers, visitors, staff and transport links, plus Hastings trending hospitality scene.

Shared office space at 200 Market Street North
Fully managed offices

Reason #8

Get connected

To get you connected, we provide corporate level tools like dual super-fast broadband fibres and dual internet providers with shortest-path routing, and Gigabit Wifi .

Our board rooms and meeting rooms have the latest flat screen displays with the latest plug-and-play Zoom and Teams video equipment from Logitech. There are two dedicated video-conference suites for an immersive conference experience and five soundproofed media booths for private call and virtual meetings.

Being a business incubator, we can provide you with IT support for your applications and devices, at an amazing "charities" support rate from Glenn Cook Technologies.

Reason #9
Secure your assets

CCTV covers the footpath, car park, front and rear foyers, corridors and all common spaces like the cafe. This is monitored by the NZ Aotea Security control room. And with each entrance and office door electronically operated by key fob or mobile app, we know who's in the building and who shouldn't be there; 24 x 7 x 365.

Staff working late? We know they're still there.

Your supplier says they dropped off three large computer boxes at 07:45?  See what the courier actually delivered (photo deliberately obscured). 

Security system at shared office space

Reason #10
Business continuity

Hope is not a great business plan, but few organisations working from home or small office can justify proper business continuity measures. Yet more than ever, we are dependent on cloud computing and the digital economy. Few if any organisations can be disconnected for 24 hours. How about two weeks like Waikato Hospital?

Physical threats include fibre cuts and fibre outage windows, planned (or unplanned) power outages, power poles being hit, road side cabinets being hit or vandalised, diggers going through power or cable conduits. These events simply happen more often in residential and small industrial areas, than city centre business zones.  Digital threats include virus attacks, ISP denial of service attacks and ransom-ware attacks. How is your network protected from such threats? 

Hastings HIVE has the latest corporate level IT and network infrastructure, with four hour battery backup for servers and appliances, dual independent fibre carriers, dual ISPs, dual Fortigate firewalls, dual network switches with auto fail-over, super-secure Aruba Gb Wifi and 24x7 network management. This includes software licensing and hardware maintenance of our servers and appliances, to ensure we are on the the latest releases to provide solid network security and integrity.

Business continuity
Office security
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