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Need a professional meeting space in Hawke's bay?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Customers love the new Logitech 4k Meetup conference equipment, with camera/speaker and remote microphone for their video meetings, using their Windows PC / Mac / tablet, in our Hastings HIVE shared office space.

The system is compact but clever. A remote microphone and speaker extend out to the meeting room table. Then the camera detects who is speaking around the room and trains the camera on them during the conference when using software like Zoom and Teams - how cool is that?

But what to do about those unruly cables in your otherwise smart new meeting rooms?

latest multimedia equipment at Hastings HIVE coworking space
Logitech 4k Meetup conference speaker/camera
Multimedia equipment ready to go in coworking space
You install a secret compartment of course !

The guys at the MCL Construction joinery workshop came up with this clever solution to quickly hide away all the cables after a video meeting. A push-to-open catch and door, hinging down to make a handy shelf whilst stowing the cables, is secured by chain stops.

Three of these new Logitech systems were specified and installed in 2020 in response to the increased demand for remote working from COVID 19 by the great team at Glenn Cook Technologies. GCT support all our HIVE ICT needs right here in Hastings, and based on the positive feedback to-date, can expect to fit out the rest of our four meeting rooms and two boardrooms next year, with this cool conference equipment.

Well done everybody!

Check out our meeting spaces here: Shared space facilities

Take a virtual tour starting in the boardroom: Google virtual tour

Or book a visit in person: Book a tour

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