Reasons to choose a coworking space #1

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The number ONE reason to choose a coworking space is to afford corporate facilities for your team, with a small business budget.

Just because you run a small business, or work in the regions, shouldn't mean you can't afford beautiful design.

At Hastings HIVE we invest in things staff really value like great meeting rooms and generous breakout areas like the cafe and Karamu lounge, spa like bathrooms and showers with fresh bathmats.

Then we automated expensive things that people don't really care about, like receptions and concierge services. And eliminated gimmicky stuff that takes up space and never gets used, things like climbing walls, pool or ping pong tables and rickety gymnasium equipment.

​So our space is a unashamedly a corporate level facility with world-class amenities and services rivalling those anywhere in the world, but with the lowest standard per desk rates in the Hawke's Bay at just $330 / desk / month for your own dedicated desk in our i-desk coworking area.

And this $330 / desk / month applies also for your own private serviced office from 4 to 18 desks.

Check our latest survey and list of coworking spaces in the Hawkes Bay

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