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Remote working just got less remote...!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Shared space launches flexible home working option

Our new Flexi-worker plan addresses  issues created following lock-down and the trend for home-working.

We know many staff are loving working from home. And we know the accountants and owners are loving the space/cost savings. But staff, leaders and business owners need to carefully understand the whole picture:

Home working and remote working flexibility is great and many staff will be as or more productive than in the office. But what about your staff who don't work well at home and need more structure or support around them to perform at their best? Are these staff suddenly poor performers, or are they natural team players?

Look forward a year or two, many of your staff will be getting bored with the "same old, same old". But how are they being prepared for taking on new challenges when they are working from home? Will you simply let your people drift off to your competitors? Remember, the best people thrive on fresh challenges, but also need support to grow into them.

Now there is an affordable solution...our Flexi-worker plan:

Hastings HIVE provides a cool working environment where your staff get to be supervised, coached, meet as teams, collaborate and learn from each other, and then consolidate that learning with periods of unsupervised work. This will help foster a continuous learning environment in your business.

Under the new Flexi-worker plan, your business can share a HIVE serviced office with up to three times the number of staff, it is designed for. So an eight person office can be shared by a 24 person company. A 12 person company can share a 4 person i-office. And how you share your office is up to you. Maybe share with business units working on different days? Or maybe alternate weeks? Maybe implement two shifts of four or six hours, in a working day? Maybe agree an 6 or 8 day rolling-roster? The choice is yours.

And all staff can share and use the latest designer shared facilities - video ready meeting rooms, executive boardrooms, break-out spaces designed to facilitate collaboration, super fast internet with fibre connectivity, luxury style bathrooms, vibrant kitchen/cafe with free espresso coffee, quiet lounge space and private phone booths - all included.

And our customers do love the facilities. Here's what Jonathan Henning, owner of Trafik a Hastings and HIVE based digital marketing business has to say: "One of the best shared office spaces I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The support and warm welcome from Rob and Jenny has been second to none. The technology in this space is simply amazing to boot. Any size of business could most definitely benefit by being part of the community being built in Hastings Hive."

Book a tour here: Reserve your shared space

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