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Hawke's Bay Syrah the next big thing...

Yes, you read it first in HIVE news...with more than a subtle hint in this recent article by Shannon Johnstone in Hawke's Bay Today, on recognition for Hawke's Bay wine. Our climate is ideal for producing refined Syrah wine, and a nice change from big Aussie reds eh..?

Church Road Winery Winemaker Chris Scott wins winemaker of the year at the Royal Easter Show Wine Awards.

With a shared space in Hastings HIVE, no hour-long commutes and no office to manage, pick up a bottle of Cote du Rhone style Hawke's Bay Syrah on your way home and a few thick cut bone-in entrecôte steaks (ribeye fillet) from your local butcher, for the perfect after-work bbq. Yes, still time before daylight saving ends!

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