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Stuck in a traffic, parking, rail, bus, breakdown, strike, masked-up, hacked-off commuter nightmare?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Coworking spaces and hybrid working saves commute times
Masks now compulsory on Auckland public transport and likely more to follow

Your editor recently read a slightly disturbing and somewhat ironic account by the "lifestyle" journalist from the NZ Herald Bethany Reitsma, bemoaning the end of COVID home-working and the worsening state of her near two hour commute of just 14 km, from Glen Eden in Auckland's western suburbs to the CBD and return. You can read how that's even possible here.

Now consider as a typical full-time CBD office worker, you will spend close to 230 days per year at work. If your daily commute takes two hours a day (there and back), you are loosing some 460 hours each year. In "waking" hour terms, that's nearly 30 days or one whole month lost each year. If like Bethany your commute has become more like two hours, that's nearly two whole months of your life, gone.

By the tone of Ms Reitsma's article this is now lost time that is deeply resented, and you can't help wondering "at what price" to her long term wellbeing. As a millennial worker, she seems stuck in some geo-political tyranny, with no obvious escape...or is there?

Well, last week on your editor's 20 odd minute "commute" from Napier to Hastings, a journey of some 20 km through pleasant green horticultural plains (most locals call this a journey... haha) to arrive in the office at 9:00am, we got thinking about solutions...

Commute times in the Hawke's Bay pre-floods
A serious Hawke's Bay commute by local standards

So here's a thought for all you commuters stuck in Auckland traffic, or Wellington, or Tauranga or London or New York - come to the beautiful Hawke's Bay. Try commuting from say Havelock North (7 minutes) or Napier (20 - 25 minutes) or simply stroll to work in Hastings, which just won New Zealand's most beautiful small town award, by the way.

Check out the Hawke's Bay lifestyle and savour some local food and wine.

Take a ride on nearly 200 km of bike tracks in the Bay.

Book a tour of Hastings HIVE in person or take our Google virtual tour.

Come and see the awesome team at Hastings City for advice on getting started in business locally.

And here's an offer, escape your city commute (from any city) by relocating your business:

  • to a HIVE serviced office before 30 April 2021 and enjoy 20% off for 12 months

  • or to a HIVE coworking desk before 30 April 2021, and enjoy 20% off for 6 months.

Or escape your city commute and start-up a new business:

  • to a HIVE serviced office before 30 April 2021 and enjoy 30% off for 12 months

  • or to a HIVE coworking desk before 30 April 2021, and enjoy 30% off for 6 months.

The fine print:

Evidence of business relocation / business start-up required

12 month agreements for serviced offices, 6 month agreements for coworking desks

No personal or bank guarantees required

You will need to make your own espresso coffees (but yes, they're free in our cafe)

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