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Farewell and good luck!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Community manager says goodbye from shared office space

Hastings HIVE Community Manager Natalie Trew left the Hive last week to move to the South Island with her family. Natalie was Community Manager part-time for the past 6 months whilst operating her Virtual Assistant business out of the i-desk area in the Hive.

Natalie says the Hive was a critical part of the success of her new startup business. "Being Community Manager and spending so much time at the Hive opened up several business opportunities for me due to the networking environment a great co-working space like the Hive offers".

Natalie will be joining her husband Willie, a winemaker, in North Canterbury next month. She will continue to run her business Trew Solutions from home.

All the best Natalie, you will be missed.

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