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Christmas at Hastings HIVE...!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Shared lunch being prepared at Hastings HIVE coworking space
Carving the locally smoked Holly Ham, hot from the oven

It was truly wonderful to be able to celebrate Christmas last week at Hastings HIVE with our customers and key suppliers, after the toughest year imaginable in which to start a new venture.

For the centre piece, we choose a beautiful locally cured and smoked ham from small goods producer Holly Bacon.

And celebrate we did, and why not after welcoming our first customer in February 2020, stage 1 being 5% full by the end of March, being almost empty again by July, slow to pick up after the lockdowns as people were understandably cautious about making decisions and now coming into the new year 2021, Hastings HIVE stage 1 will be close to 50% occupied (a third full overall).

Coworkers eagerly await shared lunch at Hastings HIVE
You can almost smell that Holly ham!

But what is most satisfying is seeing the wonderful community developing at Hastings HIVE, thanks to the cool people who call this shared space "my office" and who are such interesting and friendly coworkers.

Coworkers enjoying shared lunch at Hastings HIVE
Go! The men tuck-in but the ladies were there first!

With a massive new corporate customer signed ready to arrive in January, we will be even more buzzing as we start next year.

So with the 2020 nearly over, let us wish you all the very best for the festive holiday season and leave you with this thought...all we want for Christmas is a perfectly normal 2021 !

For the best hams in town seek out Holly Bacon, delivering the goods from Hastings since 1914.

For the best coworking goods in Hastings and the Hawke's Bay, book a tour of Hastings HIVE

Merry Christmas everyone.

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