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Attention needed in the bike shed...!

Updated: May 20, 2021

Council seeks input on Hastings District transport needs.

"As Hastings District grows, demands on the roading network from industry and land use are increasing, alongside a desire to get people walking, cycling and using public transport. Hastings District council seeks input to the Long Term Plan and you can contribute here: from Friday, March 13."

Is it really safe for all...?

HIVE Views asks, do we want to be another Tauranga (smaller, but equally congested Auckland) or are we ready to adopt alternative, more future-friendly transport options? This is a thirty year plan and it's likely that, well before the end of the planning period, the car as we know it will become a collector's item. Healthier, cheaper (to own or run), carbon-free and pollution-free transport will be the norm, with utility based, shared usage models just like Hastings HIVE shared offices. So doesn't it make sense to plan now for more urban friendly modes of transport?

Empty bike sheds complete with charging points

Hastings HIVE has invested in readying our shared space for alternative transport usage by customers. With bike sheds and charging points for electric bikes, e-scooters or "back-to-the future" hover boards. Plus spa-quality bathrooms, showers and changing lockers, so co-workers can bike, ride, run or walk to work and get freshened up for their working day.

But none of these facilities will be used, if alternative transport isn't made easier and safer for everyone. Whilst the car rules the road (whether by law or muscle), things aren't going to change soon unless road network usage does. Hastings HIVE is asking council to invest in making alternative transport the most convenient and the safest option for commuting.

We look forward to seeing our bike sheds full and charging ahead as planned.

Book a tour in person and ask to see the bike sheds!

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