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An architect, a designer and a builder walk into a...

Back for the first time since we opened in late 2019, HIVE News was on hand to capture the moment.

We asked each of them for their first reaction to the building they created.

Amy from AA Design comments first. "It was so great to see customers enjoying the spaces, the central café space in action and how well it’s all working. I’m especially happy with how bright and spacious the interior feels."

Pierre, Fat Parrot architects continues, “Yes, particularly since we were originally concerned it might be too enclosed. The i-offices are really generous and would easily accomodate our architectural office, especially having the use of these shared spaces. Great value too when everything is these coffees! "

Phil, acting cameraman and project director from local business MCL Construction, "my first reaction is really one of pride. Seeing how everything came together in a stunning fit out. It is very rewarding, especially since we were looking at an empty shell here, less than 12 months ago."

Always nice to see you guys!

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