Shared space key benefits

Corporate facilities for small business budgets

Just because you are a small business shouldn't mean you can't afford beautiful design. We have boosted the things staff value like great meeting rooms, breakout spaces and good coffee. Then we eliminated or automated the things that just add cost like clutter,  reception, concierge staff and paper!

Total Occupancy Costs reduced 30-40% 

Your i-space includes all outgoings and major OPEX leaving you with a manageable monthly cost, well below that of leasing your own offices. This is a major attraction of co-working spaces.  

Another great benefit is, we handle all the contextual stuff around ICT, office management and maintenance, leaving you to manage your core business, not an office.

Grow your office when you need

Company growth shouldn't have to wait for a lease to end, so we have a simple monthly rental agreement. At Hastings HIVE we have provisioned secure adjoining doors between i-offices, ensuring you have expansion options when you need them. 

 i-offices look a little bland? The decor has been kept deliberately neutral, so you can introduce your own brand themes inside your i-office. 

Attract and retain great staff

People simply work better, when they love their work environment . Work can be stressful so we have taken what we think are important amenities to the next level. Like hotel-quality bathrooms and showers with lockers to integrate exercise into your day. 

The shared spaces are light and beautifully finished, more like first-class lounges than normal offices. We are sure you will love it and your staff will too.

Join a vibrant business network

Join Hastings HIVE and develop your network with like-minded business people. Share the facilities and take time to enjoy the company of others in your breaks and after work. Running a small business can be lonely and tiring. We, our partners and other customers are your instant support network. A problem shared is a problem halved, as the saying goes.

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