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What's the buzz, tell me what's a-happening...?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

New serviced offices going up fast ... that's what!

And what a buzz to see the first frames being installed, announcing the development of six new small-format offices, designed to take four to seven desks.

Considering Hastings HIVE only opened in January 2020, and was locked down and empty by mid-year, to be nearly half full now, with only one vacant office and needing this extra office capacity, is very satisfying.

New fit out of coworking serviced offices
Fit-out of new four and six person serviced offices

So to celebrate this milestone, and to launch these new smaller serviced offices, we are offering 15% off our Stage 2 offices for the remainder of 2021. A four-desk office for example is priced at our standard desk price of just $330 x 4, or $1320 (less your 15% discount). This price includes all outgoings (like rates and insurance) and nearly all OPEX items (office expenditure) .

Getting ready for new coworking customers

These offices will have a multi-media hub, glass white board, Autex sound-absorbing pin-walls and their own dedicated air-conditioning units. You can choose a furnished or unfurnished space and add your own brand identity and signage to your office.

Check out the floor plan here: Stage 2 floor plan

We expect Stage 2 to be completed in July, so call us now secure your small office: Contact us

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