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Serviced offices are good for business

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Meet your hardworking community manager.

Unless businesses have a natural monopoly or a cosy duopoly, most realise that over time their products and services, no matter how good, will commoditise. Why? Because competitors are targeting customers with cheaper, faster and better. Staying ahead requires continual innovation and improvement. But how to make time when managing the current offerings is all consuming?

One proven business solution to capacity constraints is to free up resources that don't add value for customers. And the biggest non-core area for many organisations is office management. So why not outsource this by shifting into a shared space? After all, you run a business not an office.

Running a shared office space is our core focus. This is lead by Claire, our wonderful community manager who handles all the contextual office stuff for our customers. Things like onboarding new coworkers, health and safety briefings, IT and networking, building security, meeting rooms, printing, supplies, cleaning, rubbish and re-cycling, allocating car parking, building maintenance, building warrant of fitness, coordinating six monthly fire drills, watering the plants, and making sure the kitchen is stocked and the espresso machine de-scaled, ready to pour!

Learn more about what we provide here

Or see for yourself in a personalised HIVE tour with Claire

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