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Serviced office for two coffees a day...!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Coworking at Hastings HIVE is based on the price of "two flat whites", or around $11.00 a day. Why use coffee as a proxy? An important role of the HIVE is to be an incubator for small business, many of whom start up from a high street cafe...for as long as they're drinking the coffee!

A coworking desk for the price of two coffees a day
Typical small business office

So each workstation (i-desk) is priced at $330 per month or $11.00 per person, per day.

This includes all of our facilities, plus you get a dedicated desk, executive chair and secure locker.

You can take a virtual tour of the coworking area here: virtual tour

Feedback from our customers is our coworking price structure is very simple and affordable.

So Hastings HIVE has re-structured the serviced office pricing to work the same.

So a four desk serviced office is now the same price as four i-desks in our coworking area.

An eight desk serviced office is priced the same as eight desks, and so on.

Take a virtual tour of a serviced i-office here: virtual tour

Or explore our latest floor plan here: floor plan

Nespresso coffee machine serves serviced office space
Megan from Nespresso our coffee expert

Now think about it...

if each team member drinks two espresso coffees a day in the HIVE cafe space

(instead of in a high street cafe)

"your office is effectively free!"

Since your choice of seven or so fresh coffee roasts is also included.

So what's the catch you ask? There is no catch, just great value with no fixed leases to lock you in, nor personal or bank guarantees required. Just simple 6 or 12 month licence agreements.

Find out more about how this pricing works here: pricing plans

Book a tour of Hastings HIVE here: personal tour

Or simply send us an email: contact us

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