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Business refugees from the floods trickle in...

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Meet Tao, our latest arrival in the HIVE this week. He has been cut off from most services at home where he works remotely, and when Tao contacted us, we were in the first few days of the aftermath. He desperately needed somewhere to work for a month or more, whilst his home office gets reconnected.

Flood victim working from Hastings HIVE shared space
Tao at his dedicated workstation with his computer setup for productive working

Normally our minimum term is three months for desk rental, but these are extraordinary times and like the majority of Bay businesses, we are here to help wherever we can. Tao kindly agreed to share a little more about his recent experiences.

"As a software engineer who works remotely in a rural area in Hawke's Bay I wasn't able to continue my daily work, due to the power outage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle.

The uncertainty of when power will be restored in rural areas means a potential loss of income for several weeks, or more. Rob and his team have been incredibly empathic and understanding. He offered to help out and arranged onboarding as quickly as possible. The whole experience was just so heartwarming and a light in the midst of a lot of difficulties. I really appreciate the kindness and support received.

The facilities at Hastings HIVE are modern and corporate. It's a quiet environment, which allows me to concentrate and work productively. There are easy-to-book meeting rooms and pop-in media booths that make it easy to join the remote team virtually, and have private conversations when needed. I would strongly recommend Hastings Hive to anyone in a similar situation to mine."

So whether your business has been affected by flooding or not, do get in touch. We will try and assist wherever we can. We still have a few small offices available and we have some coworking desk availability.

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