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We've taken the lid off the HIVE

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

After an extensive refit programme, last week we proudly launched our first i-space in New Zealand - Hastings HIVE. Everyone has worked so hard on this project, that it was a pleasure to hold our opening ceremony with over 70 people attending and to be able to show people around.

We were delighted to host the honourable Sandra Hazlehurst, mayor of Hastings, and an impressive turnout from council showing real support for local business - good show guys. Most importantly we were able to thank the "tradies" who delivered in spades on this project and to acknowledge our key suppliers, local architects Fat Parrot and MCL Construction who have been our prime contractor. There were too many contributors to mention individually, but we just had to single out two. Graham Rinn, our unflappable site manager from MCL, first in and last out each day and most weekends. And Amy Henderson from AA Design, our amazing queen of detail and creative visionary, providing the look and feel achieved in Hastings HIVE. Watch out for a guest blog from Amy soon on the interior design process.

The highlight for me was the opportunity to acknowledge and thank our first two major corporate supporters and HIVE partners Glenn Cook Technologies and Hawke's Bay Technologies. Guys, you are amazing and our customers are going to benefit greatly from your generous support.

We believe Hastings HIVE sets a new benchmark in the co-working space, not just in the Hawke's Bay, but in New Zealand. There are other great buildings and service providers around the world, but none that we know of who have combined the high standards of facilities and world class support services, at a price point so compelling for small business.

All we need now is the worker bees.

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