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NZ should open our border for COVID19 business evacuees...

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

NZ Herald journalist Ben Leahy has suggested government open NZ as a safe haven to overseas business, rather than to billionaire preppers:

Autumn in the Hawke's Bay, photo Tim Whittaker.

Now we think that's a pretty cool idea, but a business setting up a critical team to work halfway across the world will want to "hit the ground running", especially after two weeks in quarantine. So they will need an office environment ready to go, with no term lease or guarantees, just short term, flexible rental. And they will want an easy place to settle, with good weather and welcoming hospitality.

Maybe the Hawke's Bay and Hastings HIVE would fit that bill better... when we get out of Level 3 lockdown of course, and as soon as government opens our border for business travel with suitable business friendly visas. So if you need a safer environment for your business, it could be up and running in less than a week, with 4 to 20 person fully serviced offices, or single co-working desks.

We're ready and waiting for you guys!

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