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Monstera finds home in Hastings HIVE...!

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The lobby of coworking space Hastings HIVE is a challenging place for plants. Chilly in winter at night, warm and dry in summer, with mainly artificial LED lighting. Throw in last year's COVID 19 lock-downs when the lights went off for long periods, and Jo Pinkham from Green Goose (who stage, supply and maintain our extensive planting) had herself a challenge.

We wanted drama and greenery to welcome visitors to the HIVE, that would be easy to maintain. And over the last 18 months, a number of plants have been and withered. But Jo is not easily beaten, and she decided a cool retro Swiss cheese plant might hold its own.

Planting helps green this coworking space
Swiss concierge in our lobby, greets visitors to the HIVE

On trial since before Christmas, this striking plant has prospered under the careful watering of community manager Kaylea Barker, and monthly plant health checks from Green Goose. Finally, satisfied she had found our winner, Jo called in business partner Guy to frame out the corner planter in the lobby, adding white stones as a finishing touch.

We think it looks really good - thanks everybody.

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