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Introducing Jo Pinkham - community manager at Hastings HIVE

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Jo is excited about welcoming staff & businesses to the fantastic facility in Hastings and looks forward to showing potential customers around. She is available for on-boarding and will be helping to make sure this wonderful collaborative i-space runs as smoothly as possible.

Jo is very entrepreneurial in her own right and is well placed to help foster a collaborative "shared space and shared experience" spirit, amongst our users. And owning a small business helps Jo understand and identify with their needs.

Being a busy mum means Jo works Wednesday mornings only on-site at Hastings HIVE, so be sure to book a site inspection through our reservation page.

Jo hard at work

Jo recently launched THE GREEN GOOSE - an indoor plant and styling company with business partners, Guy and Lucy Morris. Who better then to design, supply and maintain the greenery at Hastings HIVE. Jo would love to assist customers with "greening" their individual i-spaces too.

TGG can supply indoor plants for sale/set up or hire & maintenance to offices and homes across Hawke’s Bay.

Jo, partner Jeremy and three daughters enjoy the life style that Hawke's Bay has to offer. They love camping, spending time at the beach and, now that their 2-year-old fits the front seat of her bike, they all get out exploring together. Jo enjoys keeping fit and entertaining friends & family. But her passion is all things green, especially indoor plants!

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