Benefit #1 of shared spaces...

Updated: May 20, 2021

Shared spaces really took off after the 2008 GFC event, as businesses looked for ways to achieve efficiencies, get control of their fixed overhead commitments (like leases) and cut operating costs.

At Hastings HIVE we have looked to meet these needs, and provide innovations that typically only corporate tenants enjoy, such as our cool break-out cafe area and lounge spaces. A designer kitchen with all "mod cons", spa like showers and luxurious bathrooms. Oh, and sound shielded phone booths, two board rooms, four meeting rooms, video ready for your Zoom conference!

A dedicated server room with twin racks, air conditioned and served by dual fibre broadband internet connections, from two independent providers with separate north/south feeds into the building ensuring you uninterrupted access - having two separate ISPs means we are extremely unlikely to ever experience a DDOS attack (distributed denial of service attack) as a number of NZ corporates have been experiencing recently with major implications for their operations.

And we should mention the professional espresso machine with dual heads, delivering a perfect coffee every 20 seconds, plus the chilled still and sparkling water station.

All this comes included with your co-working desk(s) or serviced office plan. But what is most important is your staff will love working here, and that translates into better staff retention and greater productivity.

Here's what the team at Caddie have to say about working from the HIVE: "One of the best shared office spaces I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. The support and warm welcome from Rob and Jenny has been second to none. The technology in this space is simply amazing to boot. Any size of business could most definitely benefit by being part of the community being built in Hastings Hive."

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