Fully Serviced Offices

What Types of Services Does Fully Serviced Offices or Premium Shared Offices Offer?

Premium shared offices, also sometimes referred to as fully serviced offices, allow you to share office space with other individuals, yet have all of the amenities that you would expect to find in a traditional, privately rented office space. If you are considering renting serviced offices near me, you may wonder what types of services these office spaces have to offer for you. Here are a few of the services that we at Hastings HIVE are proud to offer in our serviced office space.


Secure Premises and Security Features


One of the services that is offered by our fully serviced offices is secure premises and security features. You are required to have an active electronic card key in order to access the office. If the card key does not work, access cannot be gained. Not only does this allow us to limit who can enter the space, but it allows us to track who enters and when in the event items go missing or a burglary occurs. We also offer CCTV, so we can monitor what is happening within the work space at all given times.


The Fastest Internet Available


When you rent premium shared offices from us, you can rest assured that you will be getting office space that has the fastest internet speed currently available. Not only are the speeds fast, but you will have access to unlimited internet usage both locally and internationally while you are within our space. We offer fiber-based internet, which allows us to offer some of the fastest speeds. This allows you to work quickly, access information and reduces lagging which can leave you sitting waiting for a screen to refresh. Ultimately, this can help to make you more productive while working.


Printers, Copiers and Scanners


When you rent out serviced offices near me, you have access to the stations within the office space that contain printers, copiers and scanners. We want to ensure that all of those renting office space from us have access to the electronic devices that they need to help increase their productivity and to conduct their normal day-to-day business. We supply and maintain these items, so you do not have to buy them, pay to maintain them or constantly pay for items such as paper and ink. We handle all of that for you when you rent office space from us.


Guest Lobby or Waiting Area


The final service that you receive when you rent a serviced office from us is a guest lobby or waiting area. We want you to have a professional office space where clients and customers can visit you. When your clients and customers come to your serviced office space, they will have a guest lobby or waiting area where they can comfortably wait until your meeting time. This allows you to look professional and ensures that none of your clients or customers will realize you are using a serviced or shared office space. They will simply think you are using a traditional office space to run your business from.


Each fully serviced office is individually run and operated. As such, some of the services that they may have to offer can vary. Here at Hastings HIVE, you can expect to find each of these services and more in our premium shared offices and serviced offices near me. Take a tour of our offices today to find out just how stylish they are and what benefits they have to offer working professionals such as yourself. Call now to schedule your tour.