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Full Serviced Offices

What services do shared offices provide?

Premium serviced offices, sometimes referred to as shared offices, shared spaces,  or coworking offices, allow you to share office space with other businesses or individuals, yet have all of the amenities that you would expect to find in a traditional, privately rented office space, and much more. If you are considering renting serviced offices in the Hawke's Bay, and are  wondering what type of amenities are on offer, here are just some examples based on our Hastings HIVE shared space:

The smallest of five meeting rooms at Hastings HIVE shared workspace

Fastest, most resilient internet and WIFI Available

Whether you rent a dedicated office or coworking desk at the HIVE, you will be getting an office space with the fastest and most resilient broadband internet the industry can provide, with two separate fibres from two providers (Chorus and Unison) terminating from different directions (north / south) in our Comms room. Not only are the speeds fast, but you will have access to unlimited internet usage both locally and internationally while you are within our space. We offer dual fibre-based ISPs with shortest-path routing, which allows us to offer some of the fastest load speeds and lowest latency. This allows you to connect to your cloud services, work quickly, and access information without lag. Ultimately, this can help to make you more productive while working.

We also provide in our secure, air-conditioned Comms room, rack space that can be rented by rack unit (RU), FortiGate managed firewalls accomodate the strictest corporate firewall rules. Aruba switches have Cat 6e ethernet cabling to each office and Aruba Gigabit WIFI is available throughout which is super-fast whilst also being super-secure, and will not degrade as more people use the wireless networking, unlike most smaller and less advanced coworking spaces. All networking and network support is included with your serviced office rental.

Secure Premises and Security Features

Our fully shared spaces and offices provide secure access 24x7x365 using the latest electronic access from Gallagher security.  An electronic key fob or mobile app provide instant access to the office and your print out on our multi-function printer, scanner copiers. Not only does this allow us to limit who can enter the space, but it allows us to track who is in the building at any times for health and safety purposes, and if ever items go missing or a burglary occurs we can quickly identify who was around. Alarm sensors and CCTV inside and outside the building allows our security and fire monitor control centres to monitor what is happening 24x7.

Print, Copy, Scan

When you rent a serviced office from us, you have network access to the high-speed multi-function printers having print, copy and scan functions. We ensure everyone renting office or desk space from us, have secure access from their electronic devices to help increase their productivity and to conduct their normal day-to-day business. We supply and maintain these items, so you do not have to buy them, pay to maintain them or constantly pay for items such as paper and toner. We handle all of that for you at a very low cost per page that even many large corporates don't enjoy (3 cents B&W, 10 cents colour per A4 page which includes the paper).

Guest reception

We provide a professional office space to impress even your most upmarket clients or customers. When they arrive at Hastings HIVE, they will enter an inviting guest lobby where they can comfortably wait until your meeting time. This area provides the right balance between corporate feel and warm touches like real planting and a large digital screen with dramatic regional art works and your business logo on display. Your visitors are directed to an automated kiosk, that logs them in and notifies you by email of their arrival and provides a short health and safety brief.


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