Office amenities


Every company has signage rights to their dedicated i-office. Each business is named alphabetically on the registration kiosks in the visitor lobby. As we grow our numbers, a digital signage display will be commissioned in the visitor lobby, proudly announcing the company we keep.


Signage rights to the building are available on the highly visible modern facade above Market Street, facing north and east. There are two more highly visible free-standing street signs on Queen Street.

Guest lobby and registration

Our generous lobby has been designed to be welcoming for your guests with plenty of space to relax and wait.


An automated kiosk sign-in facility makes sure we know who is on-site for WorkSafe and security reasons. The security system alerts you by email  that your visitor is waiting in the reception area  for you to meet them.

Recycling centre

Most businesses and their staff want to help keep the planet green and reduce the impact of plastics and waste. Our job is to make that easier by encouraging re-use and recycling.

Two under-bench dishwashers are there to encourage re-usable packaging and utensils, and a dedicated recycling station ensures doing your bit can be fast and clean. Bottles, tins, cans, plastics, paper and waste are all sorted!

Car park and covered bike park

Hastings HIVE is located right in the centre of Hastings close to public transport links. We have a large car park to the west off Queen Street, with its own entry to the building. Dedicated parking spots are allocated to every i-office space according to size. Dedicated car parking places are charged separately.

We have a generous covered area at the rear with lockable bike racks and charging station to recharge e-bikes and e-scooters. There is an area suitable for motor bike parking. 

The whole parking area is covered 24x7 by CCTV cameras and floodlit at night for the safety of those working late.

Secure premises with CCTV and electronic door monitoring

As this is a shared facility we make security a priority, for health and safety and for safeguarding property, both physical and intellectual. See who is in the office remotely, who has visited and what hours (authorised persons only).

Doors and windows are monitored 24x7 by alarms connecting to a control centre manned by ArmourGuard. The doors are all electronically accessed using personal fobs or a near-field App on your Android or iPhone. The i-desk area and all dedicated office doors are electronically controlled, restricting access to authorised personnel.

Extensive motion-triggered CCTV with auto-triggering of the lighting at night, both inside and outside, means we not only know who is there, but can see them on-line. Guards dispatched as required.

Corporate standards for information technology

Hastings HIVE has an air-conditioned Comms room with generous rack space available and north/south broadband fibre on diverse services using two carriers, Chorus and Unison, which guards against a fibre cut. Both these fibres are provisioned by two separate internet service providers using shortest path routing and enjoying unlimited national and international bandwidth. Both services have auto fail-over and load balancing to boost performance. 

Internally the building has a network designed with secure gigabit Aruba networking (from HP), for wireless and wired connectivity to your i-desk or i-office and everywhere in between. Dual Fortigate managed firewalls provide network security. The network is managed 24x7x365.

Being in the CBD, mobile coverage is great on all the carrier networks. 

i-walls for i-spaces

Agile work methods requires effective sharing of information using dashboards and info-graphics. So each i-office and meeting room has at least one i-wall (with sound-dampening pinboard and a glass-finish whiteboard). Each office is then provisioned with a multi-media hub to take a flat-screen digital display. Rent ours or supply your own.


Meetings are for group communication and making informed decisions. So every meeting room and boardroom is pre-provisioned with the latest flat-screen display with HDMI and Chromecast. Half of these rooms have the latest Logitech Zoom and Teams plug-and-play video conferencing equipment.  What could be easier?

Printer, copier, scanner stations

Whatever your paper processing needs, we have you covered with Ricoh's super fast (45 pages/min) multi-function devices (MFD) for colour A4 and A3 copy/print/scan. Connected over the network, you can output your work and have it print out when you get to the MFD, using your security fob or mobile app as authorisation with you PIN.

We enjoy an amazing affordable rate for colour and black & white prints/copies from our print partner, Hawkes Bay Technologies. HBT charge per copy, which we on-charge to your account on a recovery basis, so you can print whenever you need. Another way we maximise usability, whilst limiting costs.

Discover the great amenities provided with your serviced office, right here in the Hawke's Bay. When you select an i-space like Hastings HIVE, you’re not just finding a place to work, you are choosing a coworking solution. One where we have maximised important amenities to corporate standards and beyond,  which smaller companies would never cost justify. Better still, most amenities are included in your plan.