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premium shared space in the stunning Hawke's Bay

About an i-space

Hastings HIVE provides serviced offices in what we call an i-space, a trademarked name for our high-tech, high-class co-working spaces. Shared office space was a concept first pioneered in international trading centres like London, New York and Toronto. Take a desk or a whole office to suit your development stage,  then add or remove space as you need to.


Why you should choose an i-space

  1. Corporate facilities for small business budgets

  2. Total Occupancy Cost (TCO) reduced by 30-40% 

  3. Grow your shared office space when you need

  4. Attract and retain great staff

  5. Join a vibrant business network

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i-office for corporations in a formative stage

An i-office is a dedicated serviced office space  for your small business or branch office, sized from 26 to 78sqm and suitable for 4 to 20 people.  

i-desk for small business or sole operators

i-space co-working spaces start with a dedicated i-desk. Rent one or more i-desks and we will do everything we can to group you together.

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Chief coffee testers

Who should move to Hastings HIVE

According to NZ MBIE, nearly 50% of NZ small businesses started in 2010 had ceased trading by 2016. "We mean to address this alarming benchmark with sector-leading facilities, resources and support,  offering early-stage companies the greatest chance of success," says Rob Gill, Hastings HIVE managing director. 

But small, mature-stage companies seeking a simpler work environment and the lower operating costs that shared spaces provide will be most welcome, especially those willing to share their experience and mentor younger enterprises.

And finally, we are keen for corporate branch offices to round out the mix in our busy Hastings HIVE. We have purposely designed our ICT systems to accommodate the strictest corporate standards. 


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