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Coworking Space

What to Expect: joining Hastings HIVE business community

Lounge space at hastings HIVE

Not all co-working spaces are created equal, and we pride ourselves on offering exceptional amenities that set us apart.

Here's just some examples of what you get when you rent a serviced office or co-working space from us:

  1. Our offices are designed with a modern and sleek aesthetic to create a professional and impressive environment. We provide fully furnished offices, with contemporary looks that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and staff.

  2. We understand the importance of a quiet and focused workspace. Our corporate styled co-working space offers a tranquil environment, free from distractions and noise. Every wall is sound insulated and ceilings have sound insulating tiles. Baffle stacks above the ceiling further muffle sound between offices. And each office has at least one sound insulating pin wall.

  3. We provide essential amenities, including high-speed internet, computers, printers, scanners, and copy machines. In-office media hubs allow for the latest flat screen displays to facilitate agile work practises.

At Hastings HIVE, we take pride in offering top-quality co-working spaces. Our clean, modern, and functional offices are designed to enhance your work experience. When you're searching for office space, trust Hastings HIVE to meet your needs.


Contact us now to learn more more.

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