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Great questions to ask before renting a shared space

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If you have just Google searched for "shared space near me", or "renting shared space in the regions", there are some important questions your may want to ask the provider first.

Asking the right questions helps you determine if the shared office will be a great fit for you, or if you should continue looking for other space that may be a better fit for your needs.

Do you want quiet and friendly, noisy and lively, corporate or casual? Do you want a games room with ping pong and table football or an executive lounge for drop in meetings. Is espresso coffee on-site a must and is it free?

Before you make a decision on shared space, be sure to ask these great questions:

Question 1:  Am I getting a shared (hot) desk or a dedicated work space?

One of the first questions to ask is whether you are renting a shared space or a dedicated space. All shared spaces have shared facilities like meeting rooms and bathrooms. It's how come shared coworking spaces are so cost effective. But only some spaces offer dedicated coworking desks or serviced offices. In many coworking spaces, you can be sharing a giant table or large desk with other people not connected with your business. In some shared spaces each day or week, you may be working at a different desk. This is important to know, because you may like or need your own workspace to leave a monitor, keyboard and mouse ready for your daily use. Shared workstations can become very unproductive and annoying to some people. You want to ensure you know exactly what you are getting and how much privacy you will have. 

A:  At Hastings HIVE everyone has a dedicated coworking desk with secure locker or their own secure serviced office for maximum productivity, privacy and security.

Question 2:  How many people work from the shared space?

You want to know how crowded and more importantly noisy the shared space will be. This affects the number of people walking through, how quiet the space is and how much personal space you have or do not have in the space. You should also check whether the shared space has sound dampening measures like acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic wall coverings and carpets or carpet tiles, and acoustic partitions for desks. And ask if the serviced offices also have acoustic tiles and in-wall sound proofing to reduce inter-office noise. Many serviced offices advertised are actually open plan with some half-height glass partitions.

A:   Hastings HIVE is large for a regional shared space at nearly 1200 sqm for up to 150 people at any time. Every workspace and shared space has extensive sound dampening technologies employed like acoustic tiles and wall coverings, which aren't immediately obvious until you experience our lively but beautifully quiet working environment. Offices are fully partitioned with secure doors and noise barriers in-ceiling and in-wall where ever it is needed.

You can check out the floor-plan and stage 2 plans here: HIVE floor-plans

Question 3:  What is your shared space like to work from?

You want to know how the space will work for your business or profession. Is the space casual with lots of fun activities and noise? Or is the atmosphere more corporate, with a business first vibe? It is important the shared space matches your business, your staff and your guests' expectations. Your coworkers in a shared space and how they conduct themselves can affect your enjoyment and productivity at work positively or negatively. Will your coworkers have similar standards and values to you?  Does the provider have a set of values to guide standards and behaviour for the shared space? Finally, does the space meet your personal standards for cleanliness, efficiency and care for the environment?

A:   Hastings HIVE has a high quality, top-end corporate, but also a friendly and inclusive environment. Our customers love the  HIVE shared space and much enjoy each other's company. They value the high quality of fit out and the incredible value this space represents. They love the free espresso coffees, the still and sparkling water station, but equally they love the attention to other details like the recycling station, bike park with re-charging station, the thorough professional cleaning schedule and the quiet business like atmosphere created.

The HIVE has three values, each vitally important that provide the foundation for this great working environment, and which everyone who joins the HIVE contracts to uphold personally and collectively. You can read about them here: HIVE shared values

Question 4:   How secure is the shared office for your staff and assets?


Security is always a great question when you rent a shared space anywhere, even in the regions. Good security is hard to implement and expensive to provide, and many shared spaces are pretty insecure. What steps does the company take to ensure that only those who should be in the office, have authorisation? How do they ensure that past renters or opportunist thieves can't access the space? Do they use security guards or CCTV? Are there only certain hours that you can access the building or is there 24x7 electronic control access? How safe will your staff be, both in the office and leaving the building, after hours? How is reception provided to limit arrivals to authorised guests only?

A:   Hastings HIVE has a highly secure electronic access control system from Gallagher Security in New Zealand. Customers can gain access 24x7 to the building and the office or coworking space they occupy. Serviced office customers can specify their own lock-up hours for their office doors. Access is by key fob or an optional Gallagher Apple or Android App.  The building has extensive CCTV fitted inside and out with remote control room monitoring from Aotea Security and security guard call-out if the building permitter alarms are set-off.


Question 5:   What amenities does the shared space offer?


The last (but not least) question to ask when you are looking at renting office space is what amenities the office space has to offer. Most shared office space has equipment that you may need, including printers, scanners and copy machines. Some buildings may come with furniture and computers, while others may not. Some office buildings have climbing walls, gyms, pool rooms or table football machines. Others may take a more corporate approach with on-site cafe, Koru-style lounge and spa like showers and bathrooms. Take the time to ask what amenities the office space has so you ensure it has all of the amenities that you need and want. The check if these amenities (like meeting rooms) are included or charged extra. 


A:   Hastings HIVE definitely has a corporate look and feel with a friendly inclusive vibe. Sorry no pool room or climbing walls here. But we have set out to rival the best high end corporate office space with facilities and amenities to match. Check out all our shared space facilities , amenities and services where everything is included in your low rental of just $11 / desk / day. That's the price of two flat whites.

Looking for shared space or shared offices in Hawkes Bay? Here at Hastings HIVE, we offer everything you need to ensure your work space is functional and that you can be productive in it. When you need a shared office space, reach out to us. We could have the perfect space for you. You can compare all the available shared spaces in the Hawke's Bay here. 

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