Shared Space

  Important Questions to Ask When You Are Considering Renting Shared Space

If you are looking at renting shared space in an office space near me, there are some important questions that you need to ask the company that is renting out the space. Asking the right questions helps you determine if the shared office is a great fit for you, or if you should continue looking for other space that may be a better fit for you. Before you make a decision on shared space, be sure to ask each of these questions.


Am I Renting a Shared Space or a Shared Office?


One of the first questions to ask is whether you are renting a shared office or a shared space. In a shared office space, everyone has their own cubicle or office that is sectioned off from other people. In a shared space, you can be sharing a giant table or large desk with other people. You want to ensure you know exactly what you are getting and how much privacy you are getting. Asking this question helps you to select the option that is best suited for you.


How Many People Are Renting in the Shared Office?


Another important question to ask is how many people are renting space in the shared space or shared office. You want to know if you are sharing the space with two other people or twenty other people. This affects the number of people walking through the space, how quiet the space is and how much personal space you have or do not have in the space. Different companies rent out different sized spaces, so this is important to ask so you know just how many people can be renting out the space at any given time.


What Security Measures Are in Place for the Shared Offices in Hawkes Bay?


Security is always a great topic to discuss as you seek to rent out shared offices in Hawkes Bay. Always take the time to ask what security measures are in place. What steps does the company take to ensure that only those who should be in the office have authorization to enter the office. How do they ensure that past renters can no longer access the space? Do they use security guards or cameras to keep an eye on things? Are there only certain hours that you can access the building? Always ask questions about security measures to ensure you and your property are protected in the building.


What Amenities Does the Office Space Near Me Have to Offer?


The last question to ask when you are looking at renting office space near me is what amenities the office space has to offer. Most shared office space has equipment that you may need, including printers, scanners and copy machines. Some buildings may come with furniture and computers, while others may not. Some office buildings have waiting space for guests and clients, while others may not. Take the time to ask what amenities the office space has so you ensure it has all of the amenities that you need and want in an office space.


Are you looking for shared space or shared offices in Hawkes Bay? Here at Hastings HIVE, we offer the unique spaces that you need with all of the benefits and amenities that you need to ensure your work space is functional and that you can be productive in it. When you need a shared office space, reach out to us. We have the perfect space now. Call us to inquire about size, availability and pricing.