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Benefit #3 of shared workspaces...

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Shared spaces really took off after the 2008 GFC event, as businesses looked for ways to achieve efficiencies, get control of their fixed overhead commitments (like leases) and cut operating costs. Just as importantly businesses needed to upgrade their facilities to retain key staff and attract talented people to their workplace. Now in post COVID NZ, these will be equally critical requirements.

Benefits of shared workspaces

At Hastings HIVE we have looked to meet these needs, and provide a fully managed coworking and serviced office environment for your business and staff, with the luxuries few small businesses can afford.

Cafe space in Hastings HIVE serviced office

Everything from our vibrant cafe space, executive lounge, generous meeting rooms and boardrooms,

Luxury bathrooms and showers in coworking space

to the luxurious spa quality showers and bathrooms, with changing areas for that lunchtime run or gym session. All taken care of. All included in our competitive prices.

To cut your occupancy costs whilst upgrading your workplace, arrange a personal guided tour of the HIVE with Natalie our HIVE community manager.

To find out more click here:


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