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360 degree photography inside a HIVE...

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Yesterday we hosted Dan Browne at Hastings HIVE, to shoot a 360 virtual tour of the inside of our shared space. Not just a nice guy, but very professional and keen to understand our co-working business model.

An interesting aspect was the care Dan had us take to remove anything that might "date-stamp" the tour - like our numerous Covid-19 posters and hand sanitiser pump bottles! And then to be out of shot (Dan using a remote terminal), as the 360 camera sees absolutely everything with its six lenses!

Dan Browne, from Indelible, sets up his Google 360 camera

Dan has taken the images away to their Creative Studio to stitch together the multiple 3D scenes, just like Google Street View. Check out there great work here @ indelible

Update: the HIVE Virtual Tour now live on our web-site. Thanks Dan it looks great...!

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