Dedicated facilities

Architect designed serviced offices maximise productivity

Don't just find an office, choose your own co-working space to maximise your business productivity! One where we have deliberately designed work space furnishings to be minimalist, facilitating modern agile work practices. i-office decor has also been kept neutral, so you can introduce company specific brand and designs elements to your i-office. 

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i-desk space for 1 - 4 people

For small businesses with big plans

Ideal for start-ups and sole traders looking for office space. With up to 48 i-desks in total, we allocate an i-desk to each of your staff members and will endeavour to create your own i-desk "area" where possible. 

The i-desk space is secured so only i-desk customers have access. Each workstaion has a desk, partition, executive chair and a secure locker is provided to keep your stuff organised and safe.

i-office for 4 - 10 people

For big business starting out

Ideal for small businesses or branches requiring their own office. Minimalist in fit-out and furnishing, each office comes with pin-board, glass  writing board and multi-media hub for flat-screen displays. Smaller office options planned for stage 2.


i-office furnishing can be provided, or you can use your own furniture, as long as it fits with our un-cluttered, modern office look. We reserve the right to politely decline alternative" decor themes.

i-office for 10 - 20 people

For corporations in a formative stage

To accomodate your growth, we have a larger office fronting onto Market Street with its own dedicated entry, but we have also provisioned all offices with secure adjoining doors (see image above) so we can accommodate your expansion (or contraction) needs as you change.

We have a large area reserved for our stage 2 development once we near stage 1 capacity, so we could accomodate larger offices if there is demand.

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