Coworking Office Spaces

What Types of Professionals Use Coworking Office Spaces?

At Hastings HIVE, we provide coworking space near Auckland and office near Auckland. However, one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is what types of professionals are looking to rent coworking offices spaces. Many people are not yet familiar with coworking offices near Auckland, and may not fully understand why someone would be looking to rent one. Here are a few of the most common types of professionals that are currently taking full advantage of and renting office spaces.


Those Who Are Just Starting a Business


One of the types of individuals who can most benefit from an office near Auckland with coworking space is someone who is just starting a business. Starting a business is risky. You never know if your business will prosper or if it will fail. And one of the biggest mistakes that people make when starting a business is taking on more debt than their business can afford at the moment. Selecting a coworking space is perfect for those who are just starting a business as the lease terms are short and the prices are affordable. If your business fails, you are not worrying about paying for a lease you no longer need. And if your business thrives, you are able to easily move your business to a larger space, if needed. Paying a small amount in rent also allows you to save your capital and money for the things that will better help your business grow and prosper, increasing its stability.


Those Who Only Occasionally Need to Meet With Clients


Another type of professional who can benefit from coworking office spaces are those who only occasionally need to meet with clients. Some people actually rent office space because once in a blue moon, they need to meet with clients. The rest of the time, they can be working from home, but they want a professional office that is in place when clients want to meet with them. Coworking office spaces are perfect for this type of professional. It gives you a professional space to host clients when you need it, yet is affordable, so you are not wasting valuable money on rent. If you only need to meet with clients occasionally and need somewhere professional to host those clients, consider a coworking office space.


Working Parents Who Need a Quiet Place to Work


More and more businesses are allowing their employees to telecommute. However, some people have children who live in their home, or even loud roommates. If you have an important phone call to make or your house is loud and busy and you need somewhere quiet to work, coworking offices near Auckland may be perfect for you. You are able to get an affordable space to work in that is also quiet. This is the perfect solution for the days when your roommates are home, your children are off from school, or you have contractors who may be doing loud construction work in your home.


People Who Don't Have Space in Their Home For a Work Space


The final type of working professional who can majorly benefit from a coworking space near Auckland are those who do not have a lot of space in their home for a work space. Perhaps you are looking to downsize your home and save on rent, but you are worried about having an office, or maybe you are looking into renting out your home office space to help a friend in need of a place to stay. Regardless of your situation, you can get the office space that you need when your home does not have the space to house a desk and computer inexpensively by utilizing coworking space near you. Coworking space is often cheaper compared to the square footage price of home rentals, so this is a great way to save money on rent, while still ensuring you have the office space to conduct your work in.


There are a number of different types of professionals who are looking to rent coworking space near Auckland and offices near Auckland or who can benefit from renting this type of space. If you are looking for an office near Auckland that offers coworking space, Hastings HIVE has the perfect place for you. Reach out to us and let us show you around our office space and show you the numerous benefits that renting from us has to offer. Contact us today to begin the process.