Coworking Office Spaces

What types of workers occupy a coworking office space?

Many people are not yet familiar with a coworking or shared space, especially in the regions. So one of our most frequently asked questions is "what type of professionals and organisations suit a coworking office space?" Here are some examples of the organisations and professions that benefit from serviced office spaces or coworking desks.

Entrepreneurs and start-ups

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a business is taking on more overheads and debt than their cashflow can sustain, especially when early revenues are "lumpy". In start-up phase, cash is critical and professionally fitting out an office and committing to fixed lease costs over 3-6 years is a massive ask for any formative stage business. A coworking space is perfect for this group as the terms are monthly (some minimums may apply) and the prices are incredibly affordable. If your business idea fails, you are not worrying about paying for a lease you no longer need, or worse,  risk losing your house under personal guarantees you may have needed to give. But if your business thrives, you may quickly need a larger space that a shared space can offer, but not so an outgrown private office that a business is tied to for the period of the lease.

Pictured is Natalie Trew from Trew Solutions Limited which started in June 2020 during COVID 19 times. Trew Solutions provide virtual personal assistant services to customers around NZ. Since starting up in Hastings HIVE, Natalie credits the awesome flexibility and networking opportunities provided by shared spaces and in particular the HIVE, with her rapid success. In less than six months Natalie has gone from start-up to booked-out, and unable to take on more customers until she expands with more staff. How good's that?

Coworking space break time

Natalie taking a well earned break outside the HIVE.

Professionals meeting with clients

Another type of professional worker who will benefit from coworking office spaces are those who need to meet with clients and prospective clients regularly. As the saying goes, "you only get one chance to make a good first impression". Such professionals find meeting at cafes or at home less than ideal. Coworking office spaces are perfect in this scenario. It gives you a low-cost professional coworking desk, and professional meeting areas to host clients. Some shared spaces charge for meeting space or event space. At the HIVE, all our meeting and event spaces are included and dedicated for our customers' use.


Hastings HIVE has multiple boardrooms, meeting rooms, a vibrant cafe space and "Koru lounge", all designed to set the right mood for your meeting and impress your clients. And if some of the meetings are remote, meeting rooms and boardrooms come fitted out with the latest, and simple to use Logitech video conferencing gear. In stage 2 we will have dedicated video conference suites - "a room to Zoom!"

One such specialist professional customer at the HIVE is Mark Jackson from Creatipix. Mark runs a video production company from the HIVE, with clients and production staff right across the globe. Having a professional meeting space with video hosting equipment allows him to focus on content and customers. And we take care of the day-to-day office management, or as we like to say "you run a business, not an office".

Workers, "sole-traders" or small companies needing a productive work environment

More and more businesses are allowing employees to "home-work", especially since the 2020 COVID lockdowns. Self-employed people have always enjoyed this freedom. However, many people have partners and children at home, or vocal housemates. If you have an important phone call to make or you need somewhere quiet to work, single coworking desks or small offices may be perfect for you. You are able to get an affordable space to work from and be immediately productive. A dedicated coworking space at Hastings HIVE is just $330 per month per workstation - that's the cost of two "flat-whites" a day on the high street. Oh, and prices include all outgoings like OPEX and outgoings. And at the HIVE, espresso coffees are free, so drink those two coffees at the HIVE and your office is effectively free. 

Many people struggle to motivate themselves when working from home - too many distractions, and interruptions. These self-employed or company employed staff will find the "buzz" of everyone in Hastings HIVE stimulating and energising. Having interesting, friendly people to network with and socialise with in your breaks is a big plus for many, and everyone loves this aspect of coworking from the HIVE.

Finally there are those staff or self-employed folk, who feel they don't have the right space at home to work from -  they miss the professional workspace needed to feel connected to their work. Many then also feel unable to switch-off from work when they are at home, which is particularly important for working parents. Jodi and Johnathon Henning at Caddie Digital, a digital media business in Hastings, rate the HIVE the ideal escape from home-working when they needed to re-focus and re-brand their business in 2020.

Large companies needing a professional local presence in region

Large businesses are attracted by the rapid growth and opportunities in the regions. And there can be customer or market pressure to open a branch office here in the Hawke's Bay.  But often rapid expansion, finding the right professional office, keeping overheads low, whilst attracting the best staff can be a real juggling act. A large (1200 sqm) corporate coworking space like Hastings HIVE is the ideal starting place, and we have several large national and international companies choosing to base their operations from Hastings HIVE. Read how Beca engineers put down foundations in the Bay.

Other corporates with large offices or warehouse operations in the regions who find their cost structure too high to compete with national or internet based business can use coworking spaces with dedicated office space to right-size their operations, whilst maintaining a local presence for their regional customers. A regional warehouse operation can be centralised nationally or even out sourced to a third party logistics provider (3PL). 

Not-for-profit government and non-government organisations

Anyone who has worked or been in governance in the "not-for-profit" sector knows how tight budgets can be and how variable cashflows often are. Many depend on grant funding year to year and can find their budgets slashed at short notice. A workplace can often be their largest or second largest expense., so the flexibility of a coworking space to grow, or shrink as needed is ideal for this sector.

Coworking provides great assurance for such organisations based at the HIVE, like Hastings City, Business Hawke's Bay and Volunteering Hawke's Bay. These incredibly dedicated organisations and their wonderful staff offer enormous assistance and access to resources for those businesses based in the HIVE and the regional business community, which greatly reinforces the "business incubator" capability we provide.


Beca Hawke's Bay team above the Port in Napier