Occupancy cost comparison

Leasing office space  vs  renting a serviced office

An office lease is only 1/3 of your total occupancy cost (TCO) in a typical office lease

The TCO for sharing our shared office spaces is typically 30-50% lower than if you were leasing your own office

Below we consider a typical 8 to 10 person small office in Regional A grade space, including all building outgoings and office OPEX.

An Auckland or Wellington Metro TCO comparison would be significantly more favourable towards a rental plan in Hastings HIVE.

These are significant savings, but the intangible benefits are probably even more valuable to a small business:

  • Frees up your time and energy to run a business , not an office

  • Flexible monthly rental agreements  - contrast this with a 6 year fixed lease typical for A-grade space

  • No personal or bank guarantees (which have either a risk or a cost)

  • If you grow and 20% expansion typically allowed for in your lease, or conversely you downsize, easy - no sub-leases to manage

  • Prime central city location, handy for your customers, staff and transport

  • Staff productivity gains from having a beautiful motivating, energised work environment

  • Human resource wins in attracting great new staff and  (incredibly important to small business) retaining existing staff

  • Networking opportunities in the extended Hastings HIVE community

  • Large saving from Hastings HIVE partners for device or application specific ICT services and copy/print, with more partners soon to be announced

  • High productivity with all site ICT provided and monitored with first class support just minutes away

  • Productivity wins from super fast networking connectivity, load balanced national and international internet

  • Business continuity benefits from resilient ICT fibre design - zero lost productivity due to fibre cuts or ISP "denial of service" attacks