4-7 workstation office spaces

Ideal for small businesses or larger companies opening a small branch office. Minimalist in fit-out and furnishing, each office comes with a glass writing board, multi-media hub for a flat-screen display and pin-boards so you can "post" your own collateral and branding . 

i-office furnishing can be provided, or you can use your own furniture, as long as it fits with our un-cluttered, modern office look. We reserve the right to politely decline "alternative" decor themes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 1.58.21 PM.png

8-12 workstation office spaces

Ideal for fast growing businesses or a larger corporate branch office.


We have one large i-office fronting on to Market Street with its own dedicated entry, designed for up to 18 desks. Building and street level signage is available.


Then we have provisioned our larger format offices with secure inter-connecting doors so we can accommodate most workspace expansion needs, as you grow.


Serviced OFFICE floorplan